What is up with Coronation Street? Is the Legendary Show Going too PC? by Jamie Gilcig – August 14, 2013

eilieen feetCFN – Oy, what is it with Coronation Street and propping up the gargantuan feet of actress Sue Cleaver who plays Eileen Grimshaw on Coronation Street?  What?  What is it!!   It’s as mysterious as the secret to how they put the caramel in the Cadbury chocolate bars or why there are no Jewish characters on the long running English soap?

I mean look at the picture.  Those tootsies are larger than Simon Gregson’s (Steve MacDonald’s) bloody head!    Do the producers get a lot of fan mail from large foot fetishists or are some of the writers getting freaky seeing as they are struggling plot wise of late?

Frankly as someone that’s been watching Corrie since the 70’s it’s getting a bit rank.   Pancreatic cancer, wheelchair mommies and their surrogate delivered babies, the who’s got the biggest boobs thing, racism in 2013, .   It’s getting a bit….boring.

Is Corrie in a rut? Is it the cast? The writers?

Coronation Street has been an institution now for generations and has always had its ups and downs, but frankly it’s becoming far too PC at every level.   The cheeky hidden “gay”  kitch to the show is now out of the closet and in your face.    The quirky characters becoming depressing; the older ones getting sick or dying and not having their voids filled.

What is going on in Corrieland?

The whole Stella and her family thing can go.    The Hailey dying of pancreatic cancer has some hope if they don’t drag it on too long as Roy can now get it on with Mary to form the weirdest yet somehow warmest couple ever on TV and that relationship should be a rich mine for the writing staff and actors.

All the villains on the show seem to have become saintly or lame.  Tracy Barlow?  Really actress Kate Ford seems lost as they have her looking more dumb than conniving.   Alison King as Carla (or Cruella)  is becoming a slightly drunken saint instead of the nasty biotch she plays best.   Actually a big part of the problem on Corrie is the female characters/arch types don’t play well right now.  Maybe they need to shake up the writing staff or take a step or two back and see what they’re doing with them.

I miss Fred Elliot (John Savident) Great Gail & Eileen scrap.

We need more character types.   When Corrie decided to bring in more young characters they lost a lot of character and quirkiness.

They need that back.  They need something.    While addicted loyal fans wither on and watch secretly I’m sure we all crave for some old fashioned Corrie fun.

Liz MacDonald coming back should help and hopefully Bill Roache and Michael La Vell don’t end up in prison (both are up on charges of playing with under aged girls) and add some stability to the show.  We need Jim MacDonald back punching just about anyone nearby!

We fans need more than big boobs and disease.  We need that Corrie magic back.  We need garden gnomes and Norris being afraid of vaginas.   We need Platt family Christmas explosions.   We need strange Dickenson characters salted in for bits of fun.  We need a new Jack & Vera.

Or I’m completely wrong and the big boob and diseased thingy is working.

One of my fave scenes of recent vintage.   Do you miss Jack & Vera too?

And please get rid of the chick in the wheelchair and her whole family too, except maybe her sister with the …..

Coronation Street is seen here in Canada on CBC including online!

What do you think Corrie fans?  You can post your comments below.

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  1. I have watched Coronation Street since it came to Canada. I have loved all the characters and continue to do so!

  2. You’ve hit the nail on the head! It’s really dull now. The writing is very weak. It’s starting to look more like Eastenders than Coronation Street. Where’s the fun, comedy element gone. There’s only Steve McDonald and that teacher blokey who are funny. We need some better writers.

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