Dave White of Monkland Ontario on Guy Lauzon & Harper Government’s Economic Action Plans ads LTE

Dave White of Monkland Ontario on Guy Lauzon & Harper Government’s Economic Action Plans ads LTE
guy lauzon pigeonsPerhaps you heard the Conservative party advertisement on our local radio stations, If not (and I’d be very surprised if you didn’t here in Lauzonville) then you have heard or seen Canada’s Economic Action Plan ‘adds’ ad nauseam on road signs, on radio and especially on TV. I hope that people are intelligent enough to realize that Harper is a one pony show fixated on pipelines and the Alberta tar sands. In the ‘add’ (propaganda) on our local radio stations the CPC are again talking about the importance of the tar sands and the ‘government of Harper’ being the great custodian of the environment (Environmental Stuart) by protecting it and having scientists make sure that no harm is done. They also state that any harm done will be the fault and sole responsibility of the companies doing the extracting and moving the bitumin and not passed on to taxpayers.
Well, as usual we are being fed a bunch of lies as the CPC have been bilging us taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars (our tax dollars) promoting their sole obsession in the tar sands and pipelines to move it.
Is this the only industry in Canada? Are all the other industries dependent and tied in solely to the tar sands?
Is it true that Canadians will not be on the hook for an ecological disaster? Just look at the Lac Megantic disaster for an answer. The company MMA is being shut down and the province and federal government will no doubt pay the bill, over what they have already promised.
So people, it’s time that we tell our MP’s that enough is enough of the propaganda adds and junk mail that we are receiving. Maybe the CPC should look for other Canadian industries to support and brag about.
Canada used to take pride in our forestry and fishing industry as well as many other mining industries. Let’s not forget our farmers who feed us and the world. Canada also has been a leader in the high tech industries such as cell phones and computers and let’s not forget the Canada Arm that has put Canada in the world spotlight high above us here on terra firma.  But somehow all the touchy feely advertisements with mothers and children romping in pristine Canadian environments, in the CPC’s mentality, owe their existence to pipelines and tar sands.
Dave White

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