Dave White of Monkland Ontario on Guy Lauzon & Harper Government’s Economic Action Plans ads LTE

guy lauzon pigeonsPerhaps you heard the Conservative party advertisement on our local radio stations, If not (and I’d be very surprised if you didn’t here in Lauzonville) then you have heard or seen Canada’s Economic Action Plan ‘adds’ ad nauseam on road signs, on radio and especially on TV. I hope that people are intelligent enough to realize that Harper is a one pony show fixated on pipelines and the Alberta tar sands. In the ‘add’ (propaganda) on our local radio stations the CPC are again talking about the importance of the tar sands and the ‘government of Harper’ being the great custodian of the environment (Environmental Stuart) by protecting it and having scientists make sure that no harm is done. They also state that any harm done will be the fault and sole responsibility of the companies doing the extracting and moving the bitumin and not passed on to taxpayers.
Well, as usual we are being fed a bunch of lies as the CPC have been bilging us taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars (our tax dollars) promoting their sole obsession in the tar sands and pipelines to move it.
Is this the only industry in Canada? Are all the other industries dependent and tied in solely to the tar sands?
Is it true that Canadians will not be on the hook for an ecological disaster? Just look at the Lac Megantic disaster for an answer. The company MMA is being shut down and the province and federal government will no doubt pay the bill, over what they have already promised.
So people, it’s time that we tell our MP’s that enough is enough of the propaganda adds and junk mail that we are receiving. Maybe the CPC should look for other Canadian industries to support and brag about.
Canada used to take pride in our forestry and fishing industry as well as many other mining industries. Let’s not forget our farmers who feed us and the world. Canada also has been a leader in the high tech industries such as cell phones and computers and let’s not forget the Canada Arm that has put Canada in the world spotlight high above us here on terra firma.  But somehow all the touchy feely advertisements with mothers and children romping in pristine Canadian environments, in the CPC’s mentality, owe their existence to pipelines and tar sands.
Dave White

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  1. Actually, many business areas and taxpayers are directly affected of not having this pipeline.
    Leaving the terrible result of Lac Magantic aside, trains are now shipping more and more oil.

    The cost I believe is about 3 times of what a pipeline cost would be to deliver the same amounts. Use gas in your car? Do your local stores have produce and goods delivered by a fuel burning truck? Police, fire, ambulance and taxi……Guess who pays?

    Can the money be better used? Absolutely! Just ask Whynne provincially how much money will be saved to reduce paying for diabetic test strips! Each level of government could spend better.

  2. I don’t have a TV and never listen to commercial radio, so I’ve been spared from Harper’s endless mind-numbing ads, whether they be attacks on his enemies, or the “Action Plan” BS. I can’t imagine how dumbed down a population must be to tolerate watching or hearing this garbage day after day.

  3. Author

    geez Furtz what would you do if they advertised on CFN? 🙂

  4. Too Funny Jamie. Ads on web sites are pretty easy to ignore as apposed to ads on radio and TV. Besides, I’m sure you would have enough class to not accept Reformatory ads. No?

  5. Dave: By now we can take it that Stephen Harper’s sole interest is keeping Stephen Harper in power regardless of the cost to Canada and Canadians.

    Climate change? “A socialist plot.”

    The environment? There for the taking—despoiling, if necessary.

    The so-called Economic Action Plans? Mere propaganda on the taxpayer’s dollar from a government that has ballooned the national deficit and debt more than any previous government.

    Senate reform? Not so long as a CPC majority Senate serves the Harper agenda

  6. Author

    Furtz I do believe it’s against the law to refuse an ad in certain instances. We are not here to judge our sponsors and at the end of the day any ad helps CFN do its work for its viewers many of whom don’t always agree on the same issues.

  7. Radio and TV stations have to accept political ads during an election but that’s it. It’s a CRTC rule, or in the Broadcast Act I think. Don’t know if that applies to web sites as well, but I doubt it.

  8. Author

    Furtz you have to be very careful rejecting an ad. For instance it can’t be because of any ‘isms. That’d be a no non for example. It can’t be because I don’t believe in someone’s political belief or religion too so if you wanted to take an ad for your Pastafarian friends I could not say no on those grounds.

  9. Even my Hot Pastafarian escort service?
    We’ll have to talk. 🙂

  10. What computers? The computers are gone overseas and what used to exist in Ottawa is gone bye bye’s. There is very little high tech left in Canada as well as the US. Companies are gone to India and China and I have seen the videos where Americans are even gone over to India to work and live and I mean white Americans.

    All industries from clothing, steel, paper and you name it has gone overseas. What is happening is to reduce the standard of living here in North America and they are doing a very good job at it. This is just the beginning of things to come so hold on to your seats for the news to come your way.

  11. Eric, I am not against the pipeline(s) or for that matter any economic venture that is beneficial to Canadians and our wealth. Problem with Harper is that over the past years he and his cronies have been solely fixated on the tar sands and hundreds of millions of tax payer dollars have been spent on just promoting this sole industry. Don’t get yourself fooled, the pipeline to the USA (Northern Gateway) would bring Canadian bitumen to the gulf states for USA oil refineries and in for the most part for export from the USA. The oil we sell to the USA is at a far greater discount price than the world market and we could sell our oil to east or west coast markets at a much greater profit margin than oil to the USA. What I would like to see is Canadian oil refined in Canadian refineries but most have been shut down by US and foreign or multinational ownership. Ultramar in Quebec and Irving in the Maritimes are just a few of the Canadian survivors. Of course there is propaganda from both sides so therefore we have to do our own due diligence and dig deep to see what the truth actually is. With the CPC and CAPP ( Candian Association of Petroleum Producers) we only get one picture of prosperity and wealth but if you read National Geographic and or other recognized scientific papers you can ask yourself ‘at what cost’ both to Canadians and the environment?
    Instead of looking for clean energy sources such at wind and sun our government has criticized these ‘fringe’ ideas as not worthy of Canadian development. Many times on TV I have seen Canada’s Economic Action Plan adds and the CAPP (Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers or should it be CRAP) self serving adds with their own paid scientists promoting the environmental impact as being minimal and the economic advantage to be great, kind of like the Big Bad wolf telling Little Red Riding Hood that he is actually the grandmother which he already swallowed. It is not without planning that these adds compliment each other and if Harper’s government is spending hundreds of million on its adds then the same can be said with CAPP’s adds and at what government subsidized cost to tax payers? Would this money not be better spent on reducing the cost of gasoline at the pumps for us or the cost of heating oil for our homes? After years of spending on C.E.A.P adds isn’t it time that we get the message? (no pun intended on CHEAP and definitely not so). In the latest budget there was another 260 million dollars budgeted for Canada’s Economic Action Plan adds till 2015. By the way the SUN is a CPC mouthpiece also know as FOX North. You can say the same for some left leaning media sources so it’s up to us to filter out the truth and Harper’s government has not been to honest and transparent with us to date.

    Dave White

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  13. @ Dave White. Excellent points, excellent post. One-sided propaganda on the taxpayer’s dollar is unacceptable.

  14. Actually, I believe the law when it comes to political ads is the same space must be given to each party, if that party seeks it. Wasn’t the same for the penny grader though, they gave all sorts of floor space for guy’s propaganda.. but they are gone now.

    You cannot force a political party to take an ad out with you, but again, I believe equal space must be given to all if they seek it.

  15. Dave White
    August 17, 2013 at 1:03 pm

    With all due respect Dave if it were not for the oil sands(environmentalist agenda call them tar sands) our country would be in a far more dire economic mess .
    In fact Alberta pays the lions share of the equalization payments with the majority of the money coming from the oil sands projects.

    The Northern gateway project is not the transcanada pipeline heading to the south but the proposed project of a pipeline going to B.C.

    Central Canada is having a slow death the car industries and manufacturing near collapsed and Quebec electricity is faltering as the demand from the US has slowed significantly.

    “Instead of looking for clean energy sources such at wind and sun our government has criticized these ‘fringe’ ideas as not worthy of Canadian development.”

    Dave you must understand to replace oil for electricity the entire country would be covered in windmills and that’s not feasible.

    Ontario has spent countless billions on solar and wind only to pay the Americans to take the electricity because of our already reduced demands for electricity due to manufacturing losses.

    I believe in green as well but in a calculable response and not on ideology .
    Ontario green solutions account for very little for supply < 7% and yet garnishes far greater costs to implement and at a net loss of returns .

    We now are paying $.80 a kilowatt hr for corporations to produce solar electricity and the market value is $.12 a Kilowatt hr .

    Only a government can afford such losses because of course the taxpayers are footing the bill .

    I agree that we need more refinery capacity in Canada as this will promote energy security as well as a larger tax base.
    But at the moment it takes 20 years to build a refinery and only a few years to build pipelines and diversification is the tool to avoid steep discounts on our oil and loss of tax revenues .

    August 17, 2013 at 7:40 am

    Eric loved the link :propaganda works both ways .
    There are protests against the pipelines by professional protesters often sponsored by interest groups such as Saudi Arabia Oil companies and Native Bands and many other corporations for their own interests .

  16. PJ Robertson
    August 20, 2013 at 9:12 am
    @ Dave White. Excellent points, excellent post. One-sided propaganda on the taxpayer’s dollar is unacceptable.

    Well I guess you did not agree to Chretien’s sponsorship scandal !

  17. @Highlander. Is there anything in my post to suggest I would not?

  18. @ Highlander. Chretien for sure screwed up a few times during his twenty-some years as an elected federal politician. No argument from me about that. Now, we are dealing with the far more serious screw-ups of our current prime minister.

  19. Eric, sorry I hurt your feelings calling the ‘oil sands’ the ‘tar sands’ and branding misusers of the term asenvironmentalists, as if that were something evil and uninformed.
    However as opposed to light sweet crude the ‘oil sands’ bitumen comes out like molasses and it has to be diluted with chemicals in order to make it flow. So, it is even more accurate to call it bitumen sands.
    I also know the difference between the Northern Gateway and the Trans Canada pipeline to the east or the west so if you reread my post you will see that I would like Canadian resources to stay in Canada for our benefit. Canada used to have refineries, but as I also stated they were dismantled and now we pay the price by getting our own oil back from the USA for our gasoline or heating oil.
    It’s surprising just how fast an industry can rebuild if they see dollar signs for their shareholders. Well, maybe in Quebec it takes twenty years (like the construction industry and the ‘Bridge to Nowhere’s, but I would like to know where you got this ‘fact’? Now on the feasibility of wind generators and solar energy, when the automobile was first invented nay says said it would not last or that speeds over 30 mph could be fatal to automobile occupants.
    As far as the costs of solar or wind energy, just look at the costs of nuclear powered energy and even shutting down and restarting a plant would take years to recuperate the costs from the consumers.
    I am not a tree hugger but we also have to respect the provincial rights for what they will have built on their sovereign lands and the environmentally sensitivity of some lands they would be built upon.
    Now all of this being said, is it still necessary for the government to be wasting hundreds of millions of dollars on it’s own self serving Canada’s Economic Action Plan propaganda. Eric, did you not get the message years ago, like the rest of us Canadians fed up still paying for these ‘adds’? That was my main point.

    Dave White

  20. Dave White
    August 21, 2013 at 10:19 am

    “As far as the costs of solar or wind energy, just look at the costs of nuclear powered energy and even shutting down and restarting a plant would take years to recuperate the costs from the consumers.”

    Nuclear energy remains the cheapest cost per kilowatt hour but not palatable due the the storage of the wast products .

    But outside of the storage of depleted uranium ,there is no environmental wast of Co2 from the process.

    Coal is the second cheapest cost to produce per kilowatt hr ,but vast Co2 and various other wast products and the Americans rely on coal more then any other source to produce electricity .

    I believe in environmentalism but not at the cost of provincial government bankruptcy,and it should have a calculable measured response .

    The wind doesn’t blow or the sun doesn’t shine every day and their will always be a reliance for fossil fuels.

    The oil sands is a huge economic boom for Canadians as a whole and is far less Co2 intense then Coal .
    The world runs on oil and if it were not for the oil sands we at this point would not have the the wealth we enjoy today.

    There has been vast improvements and will continue to be on the extraction of oil sands ,but the sharing of that wealth of which 12 billion Alberta will contribute to equalization payments this year benefits Quebec mainly but other provinces as well .

    As for the Canada’s Economic Action Plan propaganda,all parties are not immune to this promotion ,this is just the political game they all play.
    But the government is at least advising its citizens where the money is going .

  21. The pipeline does not benefit we Canadians at all and it takes more water and energy to get the oil out of the tar sands. What many people do not know is that American investor Warren Buffet and some others have their money in that and the oil is not being used in the US but in China. The pipeline will extend into the US and then shipped on boats from Houston to China. This is Warren Buffet’s baby along with some others. We as Canadians have been sold out a very long time ago just like the US has been sold out and time for everyone to wake up from LA LA land. Remember Ross Perot (the presidential candidate) what he said about a giant sucking sound. Well read what is real and not Cornwall’s “toilet paper of record” or any other “lamestream toilet paper” and read alternative news for what is real.

  22. Never before has so much been spent on so little. So, Highlander is not distressed that the CPC are spending many hundreds of millions, on their propaganda. Used to be that Government of Canada adds were useful to Canadians telling us something that we didn’t know or may not have known (now Government of Harper adds), but as I said “Harper….we get it now so stop wasting our money”!
    This money could be better spent by CPC & CAPP at reducing the cost of gas at the pumps and by reducing the taxers we pay.
    I guess that some are just so engrossed in the dogma of ‘The Government of Harper’ that they just don’t question wasteful and unnecessary spending. Glad you have deep pockets.


  23. Highlander, the running cost of nuclear plants are affordable but not in setting them up or for that matter if they are shut down to restart them takes years to recuperate the costs and this is not factored in to your assumption of being the cheapest.
    Also, if Pickering were to have a meltdown then good bye Toronto and parts of Lake Ontario and the St Lawrence valley.
    They said it couldn’t happen in Chernoble and Japan and voila it did.

    Yes it we don’t have sun or the wind doesn’t blow everyday (like a lot of politicians) yet there are storage cells that hold the energy in these forms of energy creation. Besides, did you know that you can still get sunburn on a cloudy day? Same with solar energy, it works sun or clouds, but maybe to a lesser degree on cloudy days.

    Also, oil is a finite resource created millions of years ago and eventually it will dry up, like it has in many mid western states so we better be thinking of alternate energy sources or we will perish like primitive man did to a large exteht in the ice age.

    With the oil sands it has been estimated that Canada can self sustain for at lest the next 50 years, however our oil is for the most part not for domestic consumption so with the oil hungry developing nations, we may see an end to the ‘Oil Age’ like we have with the ice age before we know it.


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