CFN – The biggest loser in the Province of Ontario election is not Jim Prentice and his Federal  Conservative counterparts under PM Stephen Harper, but Justin Trudeau.   As the next Federal election looms closer Canadians are mulling over a lot of options. Is the Harper government past it’s “bestContinue Reading

The federal government deserves credit for unveiling its plans for regeneration of Canada’s long-shrinking navy. Seven years have passed, inexplicably and expensively in terms of ultimate cost, since the prime minister announced that eight Arctic off-shore patrol ships with ice-breaking capacity would be built, the first to be delivered inContinue Reading

CFN – It seems that there’s a move a foot to kill the CBC.  And it’s coming from within. Hubert Lacroix, the reigning President of our Nation’s broadcaster looks like Gordon Gekko a business guy/bureaucrat brought in to dismantle the CBC one block at a time. He didn’t work his wayContinue Reading

Does this image offend you? It should.  It does me. Does this one? Can you imagine some drunken idiot putting a picture of someone in the centre of a poppy because they were suspended by Facebook?   I know.  Insane. When presented this image Bill Maxwell of the Canadian LegionContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – While Mayor Bob Kilger and his council in Cornwall can spin the current discussions with the Federal Government over the Harbour lands, the bottom line is that council gave a green light with a 8-1 vote (councilor Samson was in Florida again) for the Mayor and ClerkContinue Reading

CFN – A major discussion of the biennial Liberal Convention in Montreal was the need for infrastructure, both physical such as rail, human such as education, and services such as health care. Clearly, infrastructure is the critical role of government. Even though the private sector will usually build infrastructure, onlyContinue Reading

CFN – The is the Liberal Party biennial policy convention in Montreal. What is a policy convention? After all, some presume that the Party Leader does what he wants to get votes. . So I asked Maryanne Kampouris about policy development. Maryanne was elected the National Policy Chair in 2012 and is acclaimed thisContinue Reading

Are you kidding me, city officials are powerless to stop the construction of the illegal chemical storage tanks that are being built on our waterfront!   This is insane. The company ignores the “Stop Work Order” and they forge ahead with the tank farm. If an ordinary guy ignored anContinue Reading

A Great public interest story as some of us know the Federal Conservative Government has been saying one thing and doing something else. The Our Elected Government say they are helping Military and Vets and do this. Please check the link below. It maybe be a surprise to manyContinue Reading

It’s beginning to look like it.   First, what is fascism?  Here are three takes:   (1) “Originally, ‘fascism’ referred to a political movement that was linked with corporatism and existed in (Italy) from 1922 to 1943 under the leadership of Benito Mussolini.” –Wikipedia   (2) “The first truth isContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –   There’s a rally Saturday January 18, 2014 at 2 PM.   It’s to repeat the message to those that make the decisions that we the people of Cornwall want NO TANKS on the former Kaneb Oil Tank property. But this is more than that.   ThisContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –  Chem tanks on our waterfront.   It’s been a hot story this past month here in Cornwall Ontario; but what it really highlights, what it really is about is our community; Cornwall Ontario. What it shows is a clear lack of genuine leadership.  It shows a corruptContinue Reading