Cornwall Ontario – CFN editor Jamie Gilcig is in talks with a Toronto publisher to option Dirty Town Under a Crooked Bridge.

The book, about the experiences of a small town newspaper editor set in Cornwall Ontario who faces corruption, bullying, and racism;  has been a work in progress for several years and already has some heat for its film rights.

We will update as more information becomes available.

Smile Cornwall.  You never know who’s going to be inspiration for the book!

Photo: early cover art


  1. I hope you include the incident where that moron assulted you in front of a ccps and also city council sending heavy machinery to a residence to destroy their rink. Either way, i’ll definitely be reading that one.

  2. Jamie I agree with what Jerry posted and yes you have to tell the full scoop about what is going on in Cornwall. That weird man who is in charge of that shack at Lamoureux Park that they call a museum and when I go by there with hubby I just cringe. People trying to do some good making a skating rink for family and friends and a disaster happens with heavy machinery to do harm.

  3. Hubbys brother in Sydney Australia wanted to send hubby $200K and hubby and I said no way. Hubbys brother is selling or sold a house in Lebanon (a condo that was his parents and he bought it) and hubby and I told him about the nightmare of owning in Cornwall and we said never again – not even Ottawa. What a relief not in this society – God Himself would have to come down to earth first.

  4. Jamie it isn’t just Cornwall ok. I see it all the time here in Ottawa and hubby does as well. Society today is no longer the same at all. People have gone completely nuts to the core. You can tell here by the driving that people have something very mentally wrong with them. Cornwall, Ottawa and many places the people of this generation of young adults to the children are completely nuts.

  5. People have lost their intelligence and there are very few people around who have functioning brain cells. Peoples moral code is gone as well as their thinking ability and unable to focus. There must be something in the water system where they live. Unbelievable. What I never saw in past years I see it today.

  6. Author

    Must be all that fluoride Jules….

  7. It has to be all the fluoride Jamie and I am not joking about this. I have read and listened to a lot where fluoride calms the brain and nerves and it was used during WWII by Hitler in the extermination of the Jews (to calm them down before extermination). Hubby said that the people of Cornwall are still in better shape than those of Ottawa – a lot less stress involved. Everyone is nuts here.

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