Dirty Town Under a Crooked Bridge TEASER – Rejigging, Rewriting, ReFormatting! July 23, 2012

CFN –   I know.  I’m really bad.  Dirty Town Under a Crooked Bridge should have been finished for last December, but an awful lot of stuff has happened since then!

DTCB is currently being rejigged.   While a book still will be coming out I’m actually doing the screenplay first.  Here is a tiny excerpt from a work draft.   It’s not final or fully formatted yet, but perhaps some of you will stop emailing and complaining 🙂

I promise a larger excerpt soon!

I’m actually scheduling more time to finish Dirty Town Under a Crooked Bridge and will have some more news and excerpts soon!  And thanks to all who made commitments to purchase the special charity release of the book.

Good things come to all in good time.

Special kudos again to talented area artist Jay Schwartz for his two test covers.




  1. Before we were just waiting…..now we’re waiting with baited breath.

  2. Better get it done before the crooked bridge is just a memory! LOL

  3. Holy Aecon Construction! That’s funny!

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