Holland’s Roel & Marga Nuberg Stop in Cornwall Ontario on their Pan American Highway Journey!


CFN –  Part of entering on a two year, 45,000 KM journey is that you get to stop and visit with friends on the way which is exactly what Roel & Marga Nuberg did today in Cornwall Ontario!

maro2The retired couple visited friends Gerry & Shirley Wood and caught up on news and talk of their journey that has taken them from the tip of South America to the tip of Alaska in their Mercedes Camper.

maro 3The couple also ventured into China racking up the mileage there too!

I had a chance to talk with the couple before the continued their journey to Montreal and the Laurentians.


town hall

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  1. A very nice European couple who are well educated and well refined. Amazing that they popped into Cornwall. Mercedes, Jamie that is the top vehicle or one of the top vehicles in the world. Nothing drives like a Mercedes. The Germans make the very best of everything – the best scientists and everything else. Electronics are the best made in Germany. My husband’s family has the Grundick make in sterio back home. What a nice trip that these folks are making living life to the fullest.

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