Minimax Express Refusing to Take Care of Senior In Cornwall Ontario After Truck Rips Down Power Lines on City Street Police Issue Summons For Driver

lefebvre street 2CFN –  Cornwall Police Services confirmed today that they have issued a summons for two charges for an as of yet unidentified  Minimax Express driver that drove northbound on quiet Lefebvre street ripping down a low hanging power line.

70 year old Ron Kyer never expected to go through the ordeal that he has that has cost him nearly $2,000 in electrical and roofing bills as well as the loss of over $150 in meat in his freezer when he was without power for 17 hours.   He claims his notebook computer was also zapped by a power surge.

LINK  Neighbors stated that they had tried flagging down the truck with one actually driving after the truck in their car.

Mr. Kyer thought that the issue would be resolved but told CFN that a manager at Minimax Express said that he would not discuss it further, but to go through his home owners insurance which of course would result in a possible “deductible” and of course most likely raise his rates.

Minimax Express has not responded to phone calls as of press time; but we hope that they stop playing Grinch on this gentleman on a fixed income and step up and do the right thing.   Mr. Kyer in the meanwhile is getting calls from frustrated tradesmen wanting to be paid for their work.

He said Minimax was still stating that the City should be responsible because the wires are hanging too low and there are no signs warning trucks from driving from the quiet residential street.

A nightmare that should never have happened.

We will update this story as more information becomes available.

Jim Moak


  1. Mini max is right. I feal very bad for Mr Kyer. There should not be any deductible on insurance if they find the guilty party. That would be the provider of of Electricity. Lines have to be installed at a certain height. If that would have been done the truck would have never been involve. I also think Mini max should check there truck and go after the supplier of electricity if any damage was done. Unless the mass was pulling away from the house and made the wire sag Mr Kyer should have NO problem with the insurrance. Good Luck to these people because hard to even go week by week.

  2. NO SIGN. If we create signs for all events that could possibly occur to limit the liability of drivers who are looking to avoid the responsibility that comes with getting behind the wheel of a vehicle then we will have to reduce the speed limit to a snails pace to be able to view just a few. GIVE US A BREAK !

    MINIMAX do the right thing and look after the damage that was caused to this gentleman’s electrical service by your driver. One doesn’t always need a specific law to refer to in order to know what is simply the right thing to do. DO THE RIGHT THING.

  3. Author

    17 hours without power in the Summer heat for a Senior. And Minimax still hasn’t resolved this…

  4. I totally agree with the previous comment. Minimax is not at fault for low wires.

  5. This is not a problem of the City what so ever, it’s the problems caused by the utilities company who fail to clear the height of 14 feet minimum, a truck/transport height is 13’6″. It’s not the home owners fault and Mini-Max should take some of the blame simply because the driver took off, had he stayed things could have been more favorable for Mini-Max. Cornwall Electric, shame on you a total disrespect to the home owner on your part also.

    Not all City streets can be zoned a no truck route, trucks are required for various reason in various locations.

  6. Cornwall Electric is responsible for what goes on the road with those low lines. Signs should be posted on streets with low lines and no trucks of any kind allowed. I see this right here in Ottawa as well. Ottawa Hydro is very good at repairing and almost every day I see them out everywhere repairing. One thing is true that I said the other time before when I posted is that the owner of the house is responsible for what happens from the pole to his house and that is the truth. The driver of the truck drove like a maniac and should have to pay for the damage out of his own pocket. Gee I am so very happy that I no longer have a house. Merci mon Dieu it is like lifting a white elephant off ones back. Nobody really owns ones house it is the government that owns it all and we are all literally debt slaves.

  7. (Am the neighbour who was in first interview)
    Spoke to him today, he was very thankful for the update interview and is highly stressed out by all of this banter about who is responsible. Minimax said they’d contact their insurance
    Company and get back to him, at which point he then claimed go to your own insurance, we’re done (basically) it’s the City’s fair no signs!

    There’s no marked speed limit signs or watch for kids signs or anything of the sort does that mean its the city’s fault if a driver hits a kid playing in the street or is doing 60 or more up the street (which is partially why this happened in the first place)…I agree w a previous comment…GIVE ME (more importantly Mr Kyer) A Break!!!! Take responsibility for your drivers Minimax!!!

  8. Author

    I tried calling Minimax twice today with no response. It’s amazing that this company takes money from the Province and then treats a Senior on a fixed income in this manner.

    I will be contacting Premier Wynne’s office tomorrow to ask them about this as well.

    Accidents happen. Minimax is still responsible for this damage. IF the city is at fault then Minimax should go after the City and not take it out on Mr. Kyer who did nothing wrong and has been a victim in this situation.

  9. Mrs. Desaulniers posted that there are no signs for speed or watch out for kids or anything and this is the fault of the city for not posting signs. Mr. Kyer should not have to pay for the damage to his house or anything else at all. The driver was completely negligent and if someone whether a kid or a disabled person or any other was out there they would have been killed on the spot. Those trucks cannot stop just when they have to. Both Minimax and the city and the electric company are all responsible for this and not Mr. Kyer whether he be a senior citizen or not this man is not responsible for the fiasco that happened that day.

  10. Signs to not replace common sense and unfortunately far to many motorists view the signs as recommendations for other drivers, not themselves.

    Side streets are 40 Kms and do not require signage as a result. Check your drivers hand book. Watching out for children is not something you do merely because a sign suggests. Responsibility sits in the drivers seat, however unfortunately far to many idiots feel that driving is a right and not a privilege that can be removed.

    The laws are to lenient in my opinion. If more licenses were suspended for longer times or removed altogether we would all benefit from lower insurance costs and safer roads. But, really, does anyone out there really care anymore ? T.v., internet, beer tents, when is there time for anything of substance anymore ?

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