What You Should Do If a Girl Doesn’t Respond to Your Messages: Why Is She Doing This?

Oh, this girl ignores me! Every man has faced this unpleasant circumstance at least once in his life. For once in a way, on the World Wide Web, you were suddenly lucky enough to meet the girl of your dreams. After picking up a couple of obviously winning phrases, checking them for spelling and punctuation errors, you click the cherished “send” button. Wiping the sweat from your forehead and holding your smartphone tightly, you sit and wait for the “miracle.” A minute, ten, half an hour, an hour, five hours pass — but for some reason, the “miracle” does not happen. Sounds familiar? Then let’s figure out why this is so.

Make Sure It’s Ignoring

First, let’s try to figure out whether Russian brides really ignore you. Warning signals include the following:

  • On the girl’s profile, the “online” icon has been treacherously shining for a long time, but your message remains unread;
  • Right now you notice her activity in a general group, chat or her blog, in the form of texting, comments, or likes. But your long-suffering message still goes unnoticed;
  • You decide to take a desperate step and send her a message again, but it repeats the fate of its predecessor.

So, making sure that you are simply ignored, a logical question arises: “Why?”

Reasons for Ignoring

In fact, there may be lots of reasons for such behaviour. However, the most common ones are described below.

  1. A Girl Is in a Bad Mood

The girl has woken up on the wrong side of the bed. Or she had a spat with her best friend. Or she did not have time for the seasonal sale and left without beautiful shoes. Or maybe the stars just didn’t align right. Guessing can be long and tedious, but the fact remains that the lady is not feeling too chatty.

  1. You Humiliated Her

Or let’s say you insulted her. By accident, you wrote a bit different or maybe even completely wrong things that she would like to read, not the point. Even if she misinterpreted everything herself. Be sure, the beautiful stranger has already rolled her eyes dramatically and is not even in a hurry to open your message.

  1. Your Dialogue has Become Boring

The topics of conversation have ended treacherously, she has no questions left for you. Each of your subsequent remarks makes her only half asleep. And the only thing worse than an offended girl is a bored one.

  1. You Are Too Complicated

Accordingly, you ask difficult questions. Or maybe you’ve asked her a lot of awkward or provocative questions in the last hour. Didn’t you think that it would take a certain amount of time or at least a desire for a girl to respond to them?

What to Do Not to Be Ignored

Be simple and original at the same time. Write so that the girl becomes more and more interested in each of your messages. Intrigue her with something. All the gentle sex is terribly curious. This technique works flawlessly. Start with neutral topics and don’t forget to compliment.

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