Ten New COVID-19 Cases in Cornwall Including a CCH Staff Member. By Jamie Gilcig

OCTOBER 29, 2020 – Local numbers continue to spike as the EOHU under Paul Roumeliotis still doesn’t appear to be properly enforcing the wearing masks and social distancing.

Sources ask CFN today if the staffer was one of the smokers who huddle without masks at the back of CCH?

It was already reported that the hospital is dealing with a Scabies and MRSA issue.

Jeanette Despatie has confirmed the case and reports are on social media that a number of staff have been asked to stay home.

We will update when we have more info and you can reach us at info@cornwallfreenews.com

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  1. Can’t wait until Dr. Paul Roumeliotis announces that in effort to flatten the curve we will be going back to modified Phase 2 closures of all outdoor Polls, Splashpads and Garden Centers for the next four Months.

    Golf courses will follow in late January should this upward trend continue.

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