Another Cornwall School With Covid-19 Are Smokers Spreading Coronavirus? By Jamie Gilcig

OCTOBER 28, 2020 – Bridgewood Public School is the latest landing spot for COVID-19 in the Cornwall area. Are you surprised? Public behavior in Cornwall with low enforcement and anti mask protests are a surefire recipe for spreading the virus.

Are smokers spreading Covid-19? Reports of students huddling together smoking without masks have flooded CFN. One parent said they contacted the school and schoolboard and were told that there was nothing they could do if the kids were off ground.

Of course there is something they could do. They could report the gatherings like any other situation during this pandemic. Likewise complaints and allegations have come in that staff at hospitals and long term care facilities huddle outside without masks “sharing a smoke” which of course after half a year most people know is high risk behavior for spreading the virus.

With numbers moving the wrong direction in many places it really is time to tighten mask and social distancing rules and actually enforce them.

If the the EOHU under Paul Roumeliotis can have Cigarette police then they sure as heck should be able to do more onsite inspections and crack down on people that are not wearing masks.

Asking people in 2020 to follow guidelines and pull together really isn’t working. We know how Covid spreads. We know for example it’s utterly insane to have people not wearing masks. We know it’s crazy to have them eat in restaurants facing each other and spreading their aerosols indoors.

We need clear laws and rules with clear punishments for violations.

The saddest thing about this pandemic is that we actually know the safest behaviors to practice until we can get more treatments to mitigate the worst cases, yet we still have people putting the greater public in danger, sadly with a free pass from our government officials.

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