SEPTEMBER 12, 2021 – Another Cornwall Ontario school has announced a Covid outbreak. The city allowed an unmasked anti-vax rally in front of the hospital on September 4th which has led to community spread. Parents have also stated their concerns on social media about schools shared busing of their children.Continue Reading

OCTOBER 28, 2020 – Bridgewood Public School is the latest landing spot for COVID-19 in the Cornwall area. Are you surprised? Public behavior in Cornwall with low enforcement and anti mask protests are a surefire recipe for spreading the virus. Are smokers spreading Covid-19? Reports of students huddling together smokingContinue Reading

Some interesting facts are creeping out of the Fontaine case. For example, why did she end up teaching in Brockville after what happened at Char Lan? Did the UCDSB pull a Project Truth move and shuffle a party with an issue to a new location? The teacher pled no contestContinue Reading

In our earlier story exposing the incident of SHERYL FONTAINE, a Soccer Coach at Char Lan and a student. LINK more questions begged to be answered than information disclosed? After all, the incident allegedly occurred nearly FIVE years ago with no mention by the OPP or other media. In aContinue Reading

It’s pretty sad and scary to see Cornwall’s Secondary School rankings slide further overall in the province according to the latest Fraser Institute Secondary School rankings. Sad, but not unpredictable as the Primary rankings have been scary too. Both St. Lawrence and CCVS scored less than 50% for testing whichContinue Reading

Apparently if you want a good education in Cornwall you need to attend a francophone Catholic school according to the report from the Fraser Institute. What appears when you peruse the numbers is that Cornwall has a higher percentage of special needs students and a higher number of students whoContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –   A stunning report just came out by the renowned Fraser Institute showing that the usually poorly ranking Cornwall Secondary schools all, each and every one of them plummeted in this year’s rankings. Leading the way to the bottom was St. Lawrence which ranked 708 out of 747Continue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – When you put politics ahead of kids you get the results that are this years report from the Fraser Institute ranking of 3,037 Ontario Primary schools.   Bishop Mac finished 2.997 out of 3,664 which is kinda scary.   Clearly our teachers and school boards get a failing markContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Blaring headlines are all over Canadian media with the news of Senator Mike Duffy suing the RCMP and Senate for close to eight million dollars. He’s represented by one of Canada’s best lawyers, Lawrence Greenspon.  I should know as Mr. Greenspon is representing me after the sillyContinue Reading

March 6, 2017 Board of Trustees Upper Canada District School Board   Dear Board of Trustees: RE: Pupil Accommodation Review, Proposed Closure of Benson Public School Please don’t let this happen. NOW is the time for you to take the opportunity and represent the needs and best interests of theContinue Reading

CORNWALL ONTARIO – It’s odd that as teachers salaries keep going up students results in the area keep going down? In this years results we see that Francophone Catholic public schools locally are getting better results according to this year’s Fraser Institute rankings of schools in Ontario. Only a frighteningContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – So which schools in Cornwall improved or receded in 2012 according to the Fraser Institute Canadian study? Let’s take a peek! Cornwall’s best school in 2011/12, St. Anne’s slipped substantially going from 142/2714 to 551/3030 in 2012/13. In 2011/12 Viscount Alexander ranked 567/2714.   This year theyContinue Reading