UCDSB Secondary Schools Literacy Under 50% in Cornwall FRASER Inst. Rankings for 2017/18 050619

It’s pretty sad and scary to see Cornwall’s Secondary School rankings slide further overall in the province according to the latest Fraser Institute Secondary School rankings.

Sad, but not unpredictable as the Primary rankings have been scary too.

Both St. Lawrence and CCVS scored less than 50% for testing which according to the Fraser is:

Tests below standard (%)
The percentage of all the completed tests written by students at the school that were judged to be either unsuccessful (OSSLT) or below Level 3 (grade-9 math tests). A low percentage of Tests below standard (%) indicates that the school is successful in ensuring that most of its students are meeting or exceeding the provincial standard of performance.

St. Lawrence showed the biggest slide. You can see that the Tests below standard score increased by a whopping 3.1%. It also shows that girls are doing much better than boys.

The school finished in a red zone 3.2/10 and only 689 out of 738 secondary schools.

CCVS showed a 3.4% worsening of tests below standard. It too shows girls doing better than boys. It also shows over 3% of Grade 9 tests simply not written.

The one shining light out of six Cornwall schools is L’ Heritage in the Catholic system. All four Catholic schools fared better than the two Public board schools.

As you can see tests below standard improved by 8.8%. The school improved to 148th out of 738 in the province. Their math scores edged up as well.

So the big question is what is the Catholic school system doing that the UCDSB seems to be failing at in Cornwall?

Looking at nearby Brockville, three out of their four schools were in the top 50% including one UCDSB facility.

Brockville Collegiate only had a 23% tests below standard score and last place a 32.5% score which are far better than the two schools in Cornwall?

Why do you think Cornwall’s schools are failing overall? You can post your comments below.


  1. The numbers are frightening. As many know I’m not a fan of the Fraser Institute. But these numbers have us wondering WTF is going on. Is it just Cornwall with the low numbers or most schools with the UCDSB?

  2. Author

    Hugger I do believe we did some comparison to Brockville in our story. There are trends, and then there is what is going on in Cornwall. It’s a reflection, sadly of the culture.

    Again, look at what I and CFN have gone through and you can see what so many, especially from what those out of town are seeing.

    The more they boycott and act punitively towards this newspaper, the worse it reflects on them and costs them cash.

  3. Jamie you are 100% right about what you and your paper CFN went through and going through and CFN is the best paper in Cornwall. There is no comparison at all. The Freeloader and the other paper are the jokes of Cornwall and only good to train your dog and shine your windows. CFN is the best. I have been sick for some days and trying to recouperate and this is the paper that I come back to.

  4. Yet some businessman says Cornwall has the potential to be a global education hub (i.e. a guy trying to build a dormitory east of Cornwall for international students attending Cornwall and area schools).

    OMG, whose going to be left with the short end of the stick here? …Naive parents back in China? …Naive school trustees here? …South Glengarry and Cornwall taxpayers?


  5. I wonder how crazy some people really are about a low life education system in Cornwall and to pay mighty huge tuition fees that Canadians don’t pay because they are foreign students they pay a great deal more in tuition.

  6. Remember Bob Peters writing that there’d be “a Professional Pilot Training Centre of Excellence in Cornwall at the NAV CENTRE.” …with investment up to $8 million …up to 55 employees?

    Yup, it went belly up …seems that money from students and families back home didn’t quite make it across the ocean.

    They can’t even get the student visa, to permanent resident, to citizen thing straight.

  7. Jamie CFN is the best newspaper and I mean that fully. The ones who run the toilet papers of record know that very well and they cannot compete with your paper at all and are mighty jealous and they do everything they can to boycott and it is only hurting them in return. This is the best paper and it has been a long time since I touched to Citizen as well as the other paper. CFN is the best.

  8. Author

    Jules we do the best we can with the limited resources we have while trying to survive a conspiratorial boycott of our newspaper emanating from City Hall, and allegedly Ed Lumley.

  9. Jamie you are a born leader and those in Cornwall are laughable. You couldn’t begin to imagine how I feel and how much laughter I get thinking about backward Cornhole. Intelligent people would ask you why you are down there in that god forsaken town. Even the cops, those that run town hall and all are as backward and have tons of mental issues. Look at the types of crimes that are laughable.

  10. Jamie I don’t just throw complements at you for no reason. You are the best paper in town and the sheeple of Cornhole have very small minds. Jamie you are from Montréal and a modern metropolis and then you went down to Mayberry. LOL LOL. Jamie Cornhole will never change with no education and don’t meet people from everywhere to come out of the 17th century. You are way too intelligent.

  11. Yeap. Ignore. Don’t fall for the bait.

  12. Jamie you mentioned about Ed Lumley and I thought that he was dead. I haven’t heard about him in a mighty long time. We haven’t set foot in Cornhole since we purchased a car that hubby wanted and he couldn’t find what he wanted here in Ottawa. I don’t miss Cornhole at all it is for laughs only. Laughter keeps me young and the more I laugh at Cornhole the younger I feel. LOL LOL. ROLF!

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