Did the Char Lan Sex Abuse Case Fall Through the Cracks? By Jamie Gilcig 071719 #OPP #UCDSB

In our earlier story exposing the incident of SHERYL FONTAINE, a Soccer Coach at Char Lan and a student. LINK more questions begged to be answered than information disclosed?

After all, the incident allegedly occurred nearly FIVE years ago with no mention by the OPP or other media. In a small town that’s a long time to keep something covered up.

Today Cst Tylor Copeland confirmed the following to CFN:

“OPP have not laid any charges against this female, it was first reported to us, but the offence occurred in New York, there was an incident reported to Lake Placid police, it does not indicate if charges were laid by them.”

Further research showed that there appear to be no charges that were laid by police in NY or here in Ontario. CAS was notified, but again, nothing further seems to have occurred and it was only in 2018 that the issue hit the college with the hearing of last week determining evidence, that a reasonable person, assuming police had access to the same information, might result in at least one charge?

Now that’s not an accusation against the teacher who of course is innocent until proven guilty. The actions of the Teacher’s College are severe. Ms Fontaine has had her teaching license revoked. That’s serious. The problem is that if you don’t lay the charge then the party isn’t proven guilty or innocent, and right now a lot of people may think the person is guilty even though she wasn’t charged by police.

Again, the questions? Was she allowed to teach for all or part of that time until 2018?

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Were there any incidents with any other students? While children have to be protected surely the public should know if there are legitimate allegations against a teacher?

Did the school board cover up the incident?

Was there any real investigation as to whether other incidents occurred and if so was that information relayed to the police?

In this area we sadly have had an incident in Cornwall recently where a two year old child died; allegedly drowning in a bathtub. No notification was given to the public of any sudden death. It took this newspaper going back and forth with questions before confirmation could occur between the Coroner’s Office and the Cornwall Police.

Likewise the Cornwall Fire Department, when not making really bad over priced Karaoke videos for the Fire Chief on the taxpayer’s dime, refuse to report calls for service or incident reports with this newspaper.

Isn’t it time for Police and government agencies, who are working on our dime, to disclose appropriate information to the public in a timely and professional manner?

This person does, and the vast majority of people I communicate with agree. If police services like Kingston can report a break down of calls for service why shouldn’t local Police and fire in our area?

You can’t hold the public accountable when they don’t have the information to make decisions, and as of today, in the Cornwall, SD&G, and Akwesasne area that information simply is not being made available in a timely fashion.

And if Sheryl Fontaine sexually abused any student she should face the full weight of the law, especially as children were involved.

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