UCDSB Quiet as CCVS Floods from Roof to Basement JUNE 18, 2017

Cornwall Ontario – You have to feel bad for supporters of CCVS.  With the legendary school finishing its life as a school soon after falling victim to a wave of Ontario school closings, the school was hit by a wave of flooding.

Parents complained that the school board didn’t notify them of the flooding and some are concerned with health issues as the school apparently taped off areas of use.  The school’s facebook page had no mention of the flood as of 12:53 PM EST today.

One parent shared with CFN that they had to get their child a new inhaler as the student couldn’t access their locker.

Social media was ablaze, but there was no release from the school or school board and no media coverage prior to this story.

Many voiced concerns of asbestos or other potential health issues.  Some have already complained of coughs.

Flooding was reported as emanating from the roof and impacting all floors of the school.

Ironically one person stated to CFN that they school had recently replaced the floor in the gym.


Are you a CCVS student?  If you have any video or pics you’d like to share email info@cornwallfreenews.com

Is there a technical term for a hose leaking water out of a school window during classes?

We will update as more, if any, information becomes available.

Photos: social media


  1. Sadly CCVS and SLSS will be staying open until the new “superschool” is built.

  2. Author

    Hugger I do believe I saw a notice that CCVS is finished as of this year.

  3. From the board report I just saw closing dates for CCVS and SLSS are yet to be determined.

  4. Wait until tonight’s thunderstorm according to the news This never happened when I attended CCVS. This happens where my daughter works in a supermarket. The supermarket should have been torn down and rebuilt. I guess CCVS is finished and not a healthy environment.

  5. Yesterday I was asking myself what the board is going to do with the properties of CCVS and SLHS. That is real neglect to let things go this far. The old part of CCVS no longer exists and the newer part was built in the 60’s and 70’s era. The entire thing is finished from the looks of things.

  6. Jamie where we live here in Ottawa our apartment gets flooded from the roof and we dread tonight with the storm. The rain soaks through the brick and the owner is supposed to get the brick done again as well as the roof and so far nothing. There is so much neglect over the years just like the schools in Cornwall. This building was built in 72 and neglected by other owners.

  7. I looked at the plaster that came off the ceiling onto the floor in the gym or wherever it was and just like where we live. My daughter’s room is the worst area for that having fallen. There is a spot in my room where the plaster is falling and has been since the later 70’s era and the owner back then a Greek moved furniture with Paul Gionet our former super back then.

  8. Thank god, someone else is worried about this. I will say though that our administration at the school did a great job, and was used the resources they could. They were able to open two hallways in a single period. The classes that were close to the spills were moved else where in the school where it was safe until they were cleaned up. I as a student was concerned, but we do have a great staff.

  9. I just read the letter where the new school is going to take several years to complete. Oh My God where are students going to go with conditions like this? In the hallway of our building here on my floor the super had a garbage can to catch the water from the roof and there is a hole in the ceiling and so much has to be done. I am starting to move some things around here in my room.

  10. It is going to take several years for the new school to be built according to the letter. In the meantime it is going to take tons of money to fix CCVS to an acceptable standard so as students can attend without getting sick or hurt. This is completely unacceptable. This is a health hazard something is not done.

  11. So much has changed at CCVS since my day. My St. Lawrence was where La Citadelle is now and I went to St. Mike’s Academy where the old folks home is on 11th St. So much neglect of the schools that it looks like the inner US cities ghetto schools. What a huge change from my days in school.

  12. With all the land between those two high schools and if CCVS comes down which most likely it would make good property for a developer to construct low rise seniors buildings. High rises cost way too much to build and dangerous especially for older people.

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