Petty Cornwall Politics Impacts Tony Luis Father’s Day Fight @ Civic Complex JUNE 18, 2017

Cornwall Ontario – It’s always sad to see a great event have a punk turnout.  Cornwall home boy Tony Luis should have filled the Civic Complex Saturday night.

Perfect weather.  Father’s Day weekend. Beloved local fighter, only $25 tix,  but sadly the Liveco folks for some odd reason feel that it was in their best interest to promote both of Luis Cornwall fights without even sending a press release to the city’s largest newspapers, nevermind advertising the event with us.  The event should’ve been sold out with scalpers working the parking lot.

Imagine producing slick video ads and not running them on the only newspaper in the city to offer video ads in the fashion that CFN does?

But it’s a free world.   Sadly a boxer’s career is short and each fight is important in a boxers long term financial future.

Tony is a great guy. He was a personal facebook friend for years, but I unfriended him as he went too David Murphy for yours truly.

I had challenged Councilor Murphy to a real boxing match between the two of us, and after countless conditions that I said yes to, he chickened out only to do his Russian Bear act with Dan Allaire.  He’d heard that my grandfather was a pro boxer and that I’d had some lessons, lol.

Some people who support this silly City Hall led boycott of our largest media out.   And we actually publish real numbers, end up hurting their own business and the community simply not realizing that CFN isn’t one person, but you, our viewers.   And ultimately the only reason you buy an ad is to reach eyeballs, and for whatever reason this newspaper pulls em in  🙂     MARCH NUMBERS & REACH

I don’t think that any reasonable person would imagine that 1.5 million human pageviews would not help fill some of the 4500 seats at the Ed Lumley arena.    It would be less than the California based Liveco paid in US facebook ads.

Facebook ads are great, but they do not replace local media not too mention that if you don’t support local then why should local support you?

Tony is a great guy and deserves better than to be caught as a pawn by such numpties, and Liveco should know better as it’s an investment to book a live show.  You want those seats filled.  Same for any event. It’s not like CFN doesn’t have a history of success in promoting events for our previous sponsors.

Don’t be like silly Liveco.  If you have an event to promote in the region this Summer call CFN first if you truly want success.

And we’re not Rick Shaver’s folk who allegedly offer discounts if you “only” advertise with them.  That’s silly as all media outlets have their strengths and weaknesses.

And this market needs all the success it can get if we ever hope to attract B list or better talent.



  1. This stupidity needs to end. Sadly I doubt it ever will.

  2. I would have loved to go last night. But I refuse to sit in the seats of the CCC until they fix the seats. And $65 each for two seats is a little bit more than the budget can take at this time. 🙁

  3. It was a glorious night with boxing and Musicfest and the carnival etc.

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