Canada. Section 2(b) of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms states that everyone has “the freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication.” Sadly in the City of Cornwall and SD&G this is a sad joke. It goes beyond freedom of the pressContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –  CFN like all media outlets needs revenue to survive.  Our original business model was to support local business at reasonable rates. In fact we didn’t have digital ads (like adsense) until the City initiated a conspiratorial boycott that impacted our roster of advertisers, many of whom wereContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – CFN has over 1 million human pageviews monthly.   It’s been that way for a awhile, but what quite a few people, and sadly many in the political and business realms locally, don’t get is that whether they like this newspaper, its publisher, or writers, and content isContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – As budgets rise the city has been hit with another emergency water main break. CFN is just starting to get info from the City of Cornwall again after some drama and childish antics via CAO Maureen Adams and new Public Information Officer Emma Meldrum. We’re hoping thatContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – One wonders what Cornwall CAO Maureen Adams has to hide by not sending releases to the largest newspaper in the city?  From excerpts published in other media  it certainly doesn’t look highly important?  In fact striking CUPE workers and organizers seemed incensed at the nature of theContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – In a very long interview with former Cornwall Nationals Hockey team owner Will Beauvais he shared quite frankly that he was bewildered when CFN dropped the team as we were their largest marketing partner. He then stated via telephone that it was team manager Rodney Rivette thatContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – After living here in the River City for fourteen years I still get mystified at the tragic load of cow poop that some perpetrate on the public? Sadly because of a culture of exclusion and bullying, I call it the “Ed Lumley” factor, it leads to theContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – CFN confirmed after speaking with Rodney Rivette of the Cornwall Nationals that the team is meeting today with FHL officials to talk about the survival of the team. With attendance shriveling since it lost its promotional contract with this newspaper, the loss of its admired head coach,Continue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – The Eastern Ontario Health Unit was hacked according to a release on their website.   Those concerned about their private information should read the release below. No release was issued by the Cornwall Community Police Service in their police blotter about the crime.   Maybe the EOHU shouldContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Thanks to a NDP Freedom of Information request we now know that the Wynne Government spent $5.5 million dollars advertising their putrid sale of Hydro One.  A plan that also sees the government essentially financing the sale to unions and groups they want support from. A releaseContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – For over two days now residents of the Cornwall Ontario have been complaining on anti-social media about strange smells and haze in the area.   Speculation and frankly, concerns for health and safety are rampant. Dr. Paul Roumeliotis is the highest paid Sunshine list earner as headContinue Reading

Like all media today CFN faces revenue challenges.   We face more of them because of the City Hall led conspiratorial boycott of this newspaper.   It’s something that actually has damaged the economy of the entire community.  There is at this point no business reason to not advertise hereContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Darren Dalgleish is no more.  The mysterious Mr. Dalgeish was reported removed from his position months ago, lawyering up to get at least two other media outlets to drop his story. Today, after an even more mysterious telephone tip, Ministry Director Mike Semansky confirmed that Mr. DalglieishContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – As I was doing my morning social media scroll, Cornwall local Judy Rose posted the video below asking if our Starbucks on Brookdale was part of the Foodshare program which Starbucks started in 2016. Which of course led to an  odd situation as our local Starbucks boycottsContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Karma can be ugly sometimes.   I’ve always written and said that you get more when you’re a small part of something good rather than be Justin Towndale and the rest of the people running the Seaway Food and Beer fest. Playing petty,ignorant, politics usually get youContinue Reading