CUPE on STRIKE in Cornwall Ontario DAY 1 – City Doesn’t Send Release to CFN 051718

Cornwall Ontario – One wonders what Cornwall CAO Maureen Adams has to hide by not sending releases to the largest newspaper in the city?  From excerpts published in other media  it certainly doesn’t look highly important?  In fact striking CUPE workers and organizers seemed incensed at the nature of the city’s release while chanting GEOFF CLARKE SUCKS in front of City Hall.

Mayor Leslie O’Shaughnessy is off until the 22nd which is odd knowing that the strike was mandated this week?

The City apparently asked the union to take back it’s last offer for vote which was rejected.   CFN has not had a copy of this offer, but would love to see it.   (Email

Pickets were set up in front of City Hall, the Police Station and public library.

The city has stated that services will be closed or impacted.   In fact one person said the strike released had more info than the city normally shares which they thought terribly ironic.  Even more ironic is that CUPE members and the Labour movement in Cornwall played a large role in electing many on this council.

CUPE officials in Toronto complained about our lack of support and coverage which was odd as CFN has always been kind to city workers and unionized workers while CUPE has never once bought an ad or any services on CFN nor have any of our amazing viewers who have made donations even stated that they were CUPE members.

Good news costs.

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City Hall
City Hall will remain open during a strike and a number of services will continue to be provided, including burial permits and death registrations, lotteries and lottery licences, marriage licences and weddings.

Water/Sewer & property tax bill payments will continue to be processed.

Social & Housing Services
The main Social & Housing Services office, at the Justice Building (340 Pitt Street, third floor reception only) will remain open. The Winchester Satellite office will be closed.

Child Care
If you are applying for Home Child Care or the Child Care Fee Subsidy, you will be required to come to the office to complete an application and provide the supporting documentation regarding that request.

The Richelieu Day Care Centre will be closed during the strike, and alternate arrangements will be made for families using the centre.

For further information, please call 613-933-6282 ext. 3310

Ontario Works
Ontario Works applications will continue to be processed. Applicants can apply online at or by calling the number below.

Ontario Works cheques will continue to be processed and mailed out. Some necessary benefits may be processed.

For further information, please call 613-933-6282 ext. 3205

For Ontario Renovates, Social Housing (Registry) & Rent Supplement Program Applications, please call 613-933-6282 ext. 3315, and your name will be placed on a call list.

If you are applying for the Homelessness Prevention Program, you will be required to come to the office to complete an application and provide the supporting documentation required.

Cornwall Public Library
The library will be open to the public with reduced service hours for lending and returning items, information services, and public computer access. E-services via the library website will be available. All library programs, exam proctoring and room bookings will be cancelled. The book return will be closed. No library fines will be charged. Information: 613-932-4796

Building Permits & By-Law
The Building and By-Law Division will operate at a reduced level. This may result in extended building permit review periods & impede the ability to conduct site inspections within desired timelines.

By-law operations will be limited to some Traffic and Parking By-law enforcement. For serious matters such as dog bites, please contact the Cornwall Community Police Service at 613-933-5000.

Enforcement of By-laws relating to fences, signs, business licensing, animal control, property standards, yard maintenance, noise and vacant buildings will resume once labour actions have ceased. For service, please call 613-930-2787 ext. 2310 and response will be based on available resources.

The Planning Department will continue to operate but at a reduced level. This may result in longer response times for zoning applications, minor variances and other Planning-related services.

The Aquatic Centre and outdoor pools will be closed to the public in the event of a strike. The outdoor splash pads will remain in operation as per usual.

Benson Centre and Civic Complex
The Benson Centre and Cornwall Civic Complex will remain open for events that have already been scheduled.

Some programs may not be available as planned. If there is a cancellation, notice will be provided as soon as possible.

In the event of a strike, the use of the walking track inside the Cornwall Civic Complex will be restricted to weekdays between the hours of 9 am – 3 pm.

Summer Playground Program
The City’s Summer Playground Program in neighbourhood parks may be stopped in the event of a strike.

Municipal Works
Construction projects of a priority and/or health and safety nature will continue.
However, some other planned projects may be postponed.

Other services, including watermain repairs and pothole maintenance, will continue on a priority basis.

For municipal works emergencies, please call 613-932-5354.

Service requests
Residents with service requests can contact the City of Cornwall in a variety of ways:

(613) 930-2787



  1. Two supervisors in city dump truck seen driving past picketers at city hall, real classy!

  2. Not the first time the mayor has hidden fro important things happening in the city and it won’t be the last. Disgusting!!!! I hope they remember this is an election year. I know the voters will remember who puts us through this for no valid reason.

  3. Author

    lol, they won’t Hugger and I hope a few CUPE members click the donate button and show some love to the only paper that really covers issues like this.

  4. If the people had any intelligence they would not vote for this mayor ever again. It is the mayors responsibility to see that his or her city or town runs well. This mayor is a coward and it shows in his face. There are too many supervisors and managers in Cornwall for such a small town just sniffing the air and don’t work at all. No wonder taxes are way too higher for such a tiny town.

  5. This mayor and council are a bunch of ash clowns. Worse mayor and council ever. I will not ever vote for any of them. No contract for the employees but managers and their assistants got their increases and BONUSES

  6. Totally agree with Pete Walbee. It would be nice to see. But I don’t expect equality whenever politicians are involved in anything.

  7. No one held accountable, failure is rewarded with this admin and this council has been nothing but a total disaster, a real joke to allow so many locals walk at the same time. Most likely unheard of in modern times. Time for termination papers Mr. Mayor and you know just the person.

  8. To allow contracts to be expired 2 and 3 plus years is inexcusable. And if they negotiate a 2, 3 or 4 year deal we are no farther ahead. WE MUST REMEMBER THIS AT ELECTION TIME!! Council can try and put this on senior management. But in the end council is responsible for this mess.

  9. Author

    Hugger to be fair council can only give direction to the CAO Maureen Adams. All of management is under her care. The buck stops with Ms Adams who still hasn’t answered to why she hired Geoff Clarke and the allegations of her personal previous relationship with him. Why he’s been given promotions and large salary increases while having to hire a HR negotiator, a position abolished under Robert Menagh which saved the city cash.

    The buck stops with Maureen who owns this mess.

  10. I agree to a certain point. CAO Maureen Adams reports to council. So, IMHO council is ultimately responsible for this mess with the unions. There is no valid reason contracts should be allowed to be expired for 2 and 3 plus years. Having 4/5 of unions in a strike position at the same time is just pure bad management. Adams and the monkeys around the horseshoe have to go!! Arrggghhhh!!!!!

  11. Author

    Hugger a big problem is that both sides are not being open or transparent.

  12. In contract negotiations you cannot negotiate in the public forum. Some companies, etc choose to do so. But that is the wrong way to do it. Contract negotiations are between the two parties. Once a deal is reached we can be informed then. I was a union rep at one time and I would not want to be on either side involved in this mess now. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t!!!

  13. Author

    Agreed Hugger, but the public should have an idea of what the key issues are? I can’t believe that CUPE would go on strike simply for a COL raise?

    The buzz I’m hearing is that the city wants to claw back sick days. That hasn’t been confirmed, but the public should now what the fight is about in big brush strokes.

  14. I know the outstanding issues are more than just money. You’ve hit it on the head in regard to some of the issues remaining. There are others among them the city wanting to change wording. It may seem simple, but a few changed words can make a big difference.

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