November 3, 2022 – The Catholic School board in the Cornwall & SD&G area are giving parents notice that schools will be closed if CUPE goes on Strike Friday. The Ford Government is preemptively triggering the Notwithstanding clause which seems barbaric. At issue is the polarity of both sides. TheContinue Reading

Imagine that. No strike in Ontario during this Federal election. While details are sparse at this time, the agreement allows the status quo to roll. From Premier Ford: “Throughout this process our goal has been to establish agreements that respect taxpayers, students and families, while also recognizing the important contributionsContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –   CUPE sent out a release today. The four CUPE locals who have been on strike in Cornwall have each ratified their tentative agreements.  Assuming City Council and the Library Board both ratify from management’s side today, people will return to work on Tuesday. Oddly enough more questionsContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Tentative agreement reached in Cornwall city workers’ strike according to the CUPE release below. After a leak by Councilor Andre Rivette to CBC and CFN and our story by former HR Manager Rob Menagh it appeared that the city would have to capitulate on its demand for aContinue Reading

To the Editor: The City Council and my office have been fielding questions about the strike and our reluctance to comment about the issues which have led to it.  I wanted to take this opportunity to make our reasons clear.  We appreciate that the public have a desire to knowContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –  Taxpayers and users of city services are in the fog as to what will happen next regarding the strike by over 400 CUPE workers for the City of Cornwall. The City has put itself in an apparently untenable position by attempting to see short term leave ratesContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –  Cornwall council has embarrassed the city multiple times over the last few terms.   From the Fitzpatrick scandals, to the CFN boycott that included a mayor hitting the panic button over a t shirt he didn’t like, to this writers false arrest during the election while the mayorContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – The buzz finally hit the page as Cornwall City Councilor Andre Rivette leaked to the CBC and then confirmed with CFN,  that the issue that led to the CUPE strike is the city asking the union to move from 100% of wages for up to 17 weeksContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – One wonders what Cornwall CAO Maureen Adams has to hide by not sending releases to the largest newspaper in the city?  From excerpts published in other media  it certainly doesn’t look highly important?  In fact striking CUPE workers and organizers seemed incensed at the nature of theContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – After years of labour peace it seems giving managers double digit raises while freezing hiring and wages for union staff leads to Strike votes. CUPE issued the following: Cornwall municipal workers give their union overwhelming strike mandate CORNWALL, ON – Municipal workers in Cornwall have given their unionContinue Reading

CUPE Ontario president joins Cornwall’s municipal workers in defending quality of city’s services   CORNWALL, ON – The president of CUPE Ontario will join Cornwall’s municipal workers this evening and urge them to continue standing up for high-quality public services in the city.   President Fred Hahn will address a rallyContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – With the public screaming about high taxes, outside lawyers vulturing businesses getting MPAC valuations down to the point of impacting city budgets, and talk of a 6% tax hike to help fill empty infrastructure reserves,  Council approved huge wage increases for senior management including CAO Maureen Adams.Continue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – CUPE has filed a grievance on behalf of security workers that were terminated Friday August 22, 2014. Mary Unan, speaking from Toronto, shared that the process is underway with a hearing scheduled in October that will hopefully reinstate them. For the 6-8 workers who lost their jobsContinue Reading