CUPE Wins Strike in Cornwall – Workers to Vote on Tentative Agreement 060816

Cornwall Ontario – Tentative agreement reached in Cornwall city workers’ strike according to the CUPE release below.

After a leak by Councilor Andre Rivette to CBC and CFN and our story by former HR Manager Rob Menagh it appeared that the city would have to capitulate on its demand for a clawback of sick leave benefits.

The new agreement has to be voted on by the union members for approval.  We will be updating as information becomes available.

Via telephone Councilor Rivette stated that he’s glad it looks like that strike is over and that everyone can get back to work.

(CORNWALL, ON) – Tentative agreements have been reached between the City of Cornwall and each of four striking CUPE locals.

Bargaining committees representing library workers, paramedics, outside and inside workers will be recommending the settlements to their memberships for ratification. There will be no further details of the settlements shared until members have had an opportunity to review their contents and vote.  Ratification votes will be scheduled in the days to come.


  1. No one wins in a strike.

  2. Here’s hoping that CUPE members recognize the favour(s) that CFN has done on their behalf and (without violating their terms and conditions of employment) keep us a little more enlightened about our city’s affairs than do our supposed representatives.

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    And to send in some well deserved viewer donations. It was nice to be thanked by some walking the pickets, but without viewer donations and ads we can’t survive for the next time they need us. And it would be nice if the Union locals and CUPE HQ showed us some love and support too.

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