John Baird Joins Ontario Premier Designate Ford Transition Team 060818

Cornwall Ontario – Day one and the Ford team is busy establishing a transition team.

As per their release below.

Premier-Designate Doug Ford announces Transition Team

Queen’s Park — Today, Premier-designate Doug Ford announced his team that will oversee the transition into government.

“We have a team that has already hit the ground running as we prepare to form government and deliver on our commitments to the people,” said Ford, in announcing the leadership of his transition organization. “This team has the judgement and experience necessary to ensure we make a seamless transition into government.”

The following individuals are members of the transition team:

Chris Froggatt, Chair
The Hon. John Baird
Dean French
Simone Daniels
Dr. Rueben Devlin
Mike Coates

Ford also announced that, as a first transition decision, he has asked Dean French to serve as Chief of Staff in the Office of the Premier. French served as the campaign chair of the 2018 Ontario PC Campaign.

“We are welcoming a team of all-star Ontario PC MPPs and can count on a depth of talent unrivalled anywhere else in Canada,” said Ford. “The people of Ontario can be confident that we will be ready to govern starting on Day One.”

Additional details on the government transition process will be shared in the days ahead.


  1. Let’s hope Ford surrounds himself with smart people and heeds their advice.

  2. Ford is going to have his work cut out for him because Ontario is very indebted and now with the unemployment and everything else he wont know where to turn. Ford will need a mighty good team to help him with the big mess that Winnie and her soul mate McGuinty made and what a disaster. I see no end for a long time in this fiasco. There are no jobs and many people are struggling.

  3. Actually, Jules, unemployment in Ontario is the lowest it’s been for a long time.

  4. Author

    That’s not true Furtz ol chum. The rate is lowest, but that doesn’t include those not part of the system or who’ve given up. Likewise, it also doesn’t reflect how badly some are employed.

  5. Jamie and Furtz things are not good at all in Ontario. My daughter is staying put in a very horrible job and much worse than the other stores. My daughter has been working in that snake pit for 5 years and she said this morning that if people don’t have others to speak for them then they are literally screwed. My daughter is at the snake pit just now and literally dreads it but there is nothing

  6. Did Jules actually Vote? I find that hard to believe after all she said about all politicians not being worth it.

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