The local Liberal riding association still has not rolled out a candidate for the October Federal election. It’s an interesting paradigm. With local thug Guy Lauzon retiring his long time flunky, Eric Duncan, is running in his place. Duncan is a very rare out of the closet Conservative candidate. IronicallyContinue Reading

Dear Doug, I sit here in my office of my struggling Independent media outlet.   An outlet that was fair and friendly with you during the election. Even though we’re the largest in our market with large audiences in other key Ontario markets we received zero advertising from your campaign orContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –  The Doug Ford led PC government has just released their cabinet appointments.   Left out was Sd&SG MPP Jim McDonnell who didn’t support Ford in the leadership contest. The new ministers are as follows: Peter Bethlenfalvy – President of the Treasury Board Raymond Cho – Minister for SeniorsContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Day one and the Ford team is busy establishing a transition team. As per their release below. Premier-Designate Doug Ford announces Transition Team Queen’s Park — Today, Premier-designate Doug Ford announced his team that will oversee the transition into government. “We have a team that has already hitContinue Reading

Ontario’s long-awaited election day is finally almost upon us. There is a unanimous view that the Liberals are finally going to be thrown out, bag and baggage, after four catastrophic terms, when the province was mortgaged to hare-brained alarm about climatology and electricity-generating facilities were shut down and solar energyContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – In what has been a very odd election campaign it appears that Doug Ford has kept his cool and will become Ontario’s next Premier on June 7th. Between the political assassination of former PC leader Patrick Brown to the early concession of Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne, it’sContinue Reading

Toronto Ontario- Only a few more weeks until the election and people are buzzing about the Doug Ford, Andrea Horwath, and Kathleen Wynne battle. Who will win? Everyone is wondering. I asked a few of my former SLC comrades to share who they think or want to win.   Jay isContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – As a quiet provincial election comes out of the long May weekend it’s becoming clearer that this is a two horse race as the PC’s and NDP start to ratchet up the attacks and heat. Premier Wynne is still trying to claw back some support that hasContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – It’s fascinating to watch the political death of Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne.   From the defection of ministers and other MPP’s who decided to bail and not run; to teacher’s unions going back to the NDP the day the writ dropped,  and other union leaders telling members toContinue Reading

  Brampton Ontario – With the 2018 provincial election heating up this summer folks are buzzing over what is next to come for Ontario. This (2018) election Brampton is on the rise.  All five elected candidates running within the Brampton area districts this election being Sikh reflecting large portions of theContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –   While we all are aware, or at least most of us are, of who the leaders are of the three main political parties in this upcoming Ontario election, do we know who are local options are? We know our current MPP Jim McDonnell will win by default. Continue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Premier Wynne’s election hopes are deader than  Tim Hudak’s were , except uglier and nastier.    Today’s Auditor General report showed that the Ontario deficit is nearly double that which the Wynne Government has disclosed. As reported in the Toronto Star “When expenses are understated, the perceptionContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – You get the feeling that Kathy doesn’t really know how to drive a truck, or run a province, and apparently now not campaign as she lashed out at PC leader Doug Ford recently, comparing him to Donald Trump and unleashing her own inner Hillary. The problem isContinue Reading