LIBS REDLINING in Ontario as Wynne in Danger of Losing Own Seat as Labour Turns 051918

Cornwall Ontario – It’s fascinating to watch the political death of Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne.   From the defection of ministers and other MPP’s who decided to bail and not run; to teacher’s unions going back to the NDP the day the writ dropped,  and other union leaders telling members to vote NDP or PC based on the riding to turf the Liberals it goes to show that:


You can’t buy love; only rent it.

You can only burn people so hard before they clearly decide that a party or leader can’t be worked with.  Wynne’s arrogance, pettiness, and gender politics have burned her repeatedly.     The fact that she only won the last election due to Tim Hudak’s reverse heroics seem to have not registered with her or her team.

This election there is no Tim Hudak.  Doug Ford may have his failings, but he’s clearly not the bogey man that Hudak was and actually seems to want to go in directions that even some in Labour want, while Andrea Horwath is mopping up the Liberal spoils like a hungry dog and loving the chance to either be the leader of the opposition or possibly a kingmaker or if the polls change drastically, a minority leader herself thus ensuring her political position for a term or two more.

This is a quiet election.  Funeral quiet.   The only desperation seen is by Wynne who is ducking contentious ridings and simply not putting up much of a fight.   The NDP are concentrating their message while the PC’s are keeping Ford busy on his Big Blue Bus and out of trouble.  It’s essentially becoming a non election with estimates of a lower than average voter turn out.

That’s what happens when the issues are really clear.

A long term government that has abused the public purse to the point of eliciting hatred and possibly destroying its party brand for a decade.

Whoever the Liberals hired to man their guns in the war room clearly forgot to bring ammo.

Don’t cry for Kathy or her friends though.  There have been many insiders pockets filled with Ontario tax cash.  Far too many and will be right up to the bitter end.

It should be interesting to see how truly bad Ontario’s books are after the election….

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