It’s funny being a journalist in 2019. My inbox recently started to flood with releases by both the Liberals and Conservatives. Smart. We not only own a large local audience, but are have great pools of viewers in Cities like Ottawa, Toronto, and even Montreal. The internet is content drivenContinue Reading

Back on February 4th Tom Mulcair was speculating that some NDP supporters might think the Green Party deserved a second look. It is an interesting thought. Should it happen, it could seriously damage the election chances of the NDP, and it has the potential to damage the Liberals as well. TheContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –  My gosh there are a lot of little political turdettes that take runs at office!   People still don’t get it.  Being an elected official is serving the public – that includes people that you might not like or even like you.  It means that if you’re successfulContinue Reading

Ontario’s long-awaited election day is finally almost upon us. There is a unanimous view that the Liberals are finally going to be thrown out, bag and baggage, after four catastrophic terms, when the province was mortgaged to hare-brained alarm about climatology and electricity-generating facilities were shut down and solar energyContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – In what has been a very odd election campaign it appears that Doug Ford has kept his cool and will become Ontario’s next Premier on June 7th. Between the political assassination of former PC leader Patrick Brown to the early concession of Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne, it’sContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – As the slagging goes on it appears that some party staffers missed vetting social media comments across the board. While the PC’s have been tarred and feathered including the dumping of at least one candidate, the NDP are trying to spin a horrific Hitler member added ontoContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – As a quiet provincial election comes out of the long May weekend it’s becoming clearer that this is a two horse race as the PC’s and NDP start to ratchet up the attacks and heat. Premier Wynne is still trying to claw back some support that hasContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – It’s fascinating to watch the political death of Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne.   From the defection of ministers and other MPP’s who decided to bail and not run; to teacher’s unions going back to the NDP the day the writ dropped,  and other union leaders telling members toContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –   While we all are aware, or at least most of us are, of who the leaders are of the three main political parties in this upcoming Ontario election, do we know who are local options are? We know our current MPP Jim McDonnell will win by default. Continue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – You get the feeling that Kathy doesn’t really know how to drive a truck, or run a province, and apparently now not campaign as she lashed out at PC leader Doug Ford recently, comparing him to Donald Trump and unleashing her own inner Hillary. The problem isContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Contrary to what certain pundits blather about,  Doug Ford was the opponent Kathy Wynne didn’t want to face. Facing a well funded popular party with a leader that clearly is different than what else would be offered is a dilemma for the depleted and scandalized Wynne government. Continue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – As it’s become clear that the political assassination of Patrick Brown was from within his own party it’s raised a number of questions for voters who clearly have had enough of the Wynne Liberals and their abuse of the public purse. From Hydro, to Sex Ed curriculum,Continue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –   The NDP sent out a release about a shocking incident.   A man in Sudbury was said to be forced to spend 13 days in a hospital bathroom!  The fact that the man was a senior is scary. Here is their abbreviated release below: Gélinas says patient keptContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –  The Curse of the Ontario PC party strikes again.     Death by Social Media after unproven sexual accusations against now former leader Patrick Brown have led to his resignation.  “However, defeating [Ontario Premier] Kathleen Wynne in 2018 is more important than one individual. For this reason,Continue Reading