Conspiratorial Ontario PC Caucus Concerns Voters as Election Looms by Jamie Gilcig 030118

Cornwall Ontario – As it’s become clear that the political assassination of Patrick Brown was from within his own party it’s raised a number of questions for voters who clearly have had enough of the Wynne Liberals and their abuse of the public purse.

From Hydro, to Sex Ed curriculum, and heavy handed favoritism of party loyal and gender politics there is no shortage of reasons for a malaise of the long running Liberal rule, which many feel is heavily labour supported.

While the Conservatives have blown the last two elections this current take from the Hillary Clinton playbook has blown them out of the water again and snatch defeat from the mouth of victory.

The US public instinctively reacted to the reality that if a candidate had to gerrymander and cheat to get their own party nomination clearly they’d have issues winning an election and leading their party.

That would leave Andrew Horwath as the lone alternative, but she seems to be in witness protection and so far the NDP solution to every issue seems to be to give union workers more cash.  Healthcare, senior care, pharmacare, every care, involves giving workers more dosh.    While our workers deserve to be paid every penny they deserve at a certain point high salaries erode services as we’ve seen in our school system where teachers also impact the political process heavily.

So where does the average voter cast their ballot in this mess?   Is our province so politically bankrupt that this truly is the state of our union?  Isn’t it scary  when the options are a government that clearly has been exposed multiple times, or a party that is so abusive that it eats its own leader a few scant months before an election?

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If you’re running a business or working; ie filling the provincial coffers where does that leave you?

Clearly there needs to be a new rethinking of the political process in Ontario starting from the municipal level up.

Locally we’ve seen two conservative hopefuls come to this riding and snubbing the largest newspaper in the riding, this one.    A reasonable person would ask why?  Was it because they simply relied an a corrupt local riding association filled with ignorant bigots?    Is it because CFN has a younger more female demographic based audience who might not vote PC?

Or is it simply because  Caroline Mulroney or Christine Elliot simply are not up to snuff for the job, because if you can’t manage a riding association, and you can’t manage your party, how can you manage a province and while there’s plenty to point fingers at when it comes to Kathy’s Liberals she runs a pretty tight ship partywise.

With all of the scandals at her toes this writer doesn’t recall the type of drama created by Randy Hillier and other PC MPP’s as they sliced and diced their fairly and duly elected leader on thin unproven accusations.

As the Macleans article outing the audio of his political assassination showed, it was a shite show of epic political proportions.

[bs-quote quote=”“I totally agree with unanimous position but I don’t agree with the at midnight in the night when there is no news cycle, a unanimous decision on a caucus call when not everybody is there. We should meet tomorrow morning and we should settle this all in a proper way. Tomorrow morning is still considered acting immediately.”” style=”style-3″ align=”center” author_name=”Ernie Hardeman” author_job=”Ontario MPP”][/bs-quote]

It’s one thing to rule by daggers in the night. It’s quite another to be exposed doing it.  For example most adults know that all politicians lie, but we don’t like for them to lie so badly that they are exposed as so.

The irony is that under Patrick Brown the party had shifted to the point where it was attracting some new areas of growth.  It was shifting closer to the centre, but in our system, the caucus of the party can impact it as we’ve seen in this example far more than the voter base.  The caucus basically went from a situation where the PC’s were favored to win to perhaps if they’re really lucky might eek out a minority government.

Which ultimately, regardless of who wins the PC nomination, will leave the province in a weak position politically.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?   Who will you vote for in 2018?  You can post your comment below.



  1. Wow!! Options!! Opinions!!!

  2. I usually vote NDP, but my vote is a joke because my riding has been exclusively Conservative (provincially) for over a hundred years.

  3. Author

    I tended to be pro labour Furtz until Elaine and her friends showed how hypocritical they are locally. I could never go Orange until they clean things up. It’s not even a personal thing. You just can’t work with people like her and her supporters. I offered to take some Timmie’s workers to see Andrea at the rally in Cobourg last month and the Labour Council refused to cover the costs and support them. They don’t have any toes left to shoot off and would rather play petty personal politics than help their own cause….

  4. So my prediction is a minority conservative government that as result of weak leadership is toppled by a Liberal NDP coalition half way through its mandate. Ontario remains a have not province with health care, provincial wages and benefits and debt servicing digging a bigger hole to climb out of (or not).

  5. I think I agree with David. That’s probably the best we can hope for at this point. The Cons are clearly not ready to govern even after all these years in opposition.

  6. Author

    Certainly not our local ones. Our elected MP and MPP certainly don’t get passing grades, and some of their actions border on criminal.

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