Cadieux Family Justice Delayed as Crown Scrambles Before Judge Diane Lahaie in Cornwall 022818

Cornwall Ontario – What do you do when you mess up a case in Cornwall Ontario?   Run it in a language that the victims, and most media need a translator for!

Even though transcripts from the botched handling the Kristine Cadieux death by Felix Laframboise show that Mr. Laframboise agreed to his hearing in English,  a translator from Quebec was brought in to communicate to Robert Cadieux as the hearing was in French.  No closed captioned monitors for this court.

Assistant Crown Daniel Brisebois refused to tell media who requested the hearing be in French or answer any other questions.  He also asked to present photographic evidence from the accident seen as well as victim statements if Judge Diane Lahaie agreed to move forward with the appeal.

It was supposed to be an appeal of sentence to Felix Laframboise, who was given a $2,000 fine in the loss of life and injury when his Ford triggered a fatal roll of the Cadieux van on the 401.  It was supposed to be about the victims. It was also pointed out that the punishment for driving 80KM over than the speed limit was larger than the max agreed to in the plea for Laframboise.

There was only one translator who was working hard for the father of the Cadieux children while they watched the circus from the benches. At least three media huddled close trying to hear as much as they could in the hushed tones of the live translation.

The V.O.I.C.E. rally prior to the hearing wasn’t a major draw, but then it was at 9:30 on a work and school morning.

The crowd of about 20 that did show up were very spirited holding signs and talking to people walking by.

Mr. Cadieux said he was prepared for the worst, but that his group would take action if an appeal was denied.

There also were other victims of injustice present at the rally wanting to tell their stories. 

Felix Laframboise – left, wearing his man bun flees media cameras out the back door of the courthouse – it was not noted whether he was the one to drive the family vehicle away from the courthouse.

Judge Diane Lahaie actually chastised the work of the crown during the hearing before deciding to adjourn until March 27 to decide if the appeal would more forward. Even little boys wearing man buns can’t face double jeopardy.


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Ultimately this hearing was about trying to cover up the mess created by the Cornwall Crown office which really needs to be investigated by the Attorney General’s office and cleaned up if need be.

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  1. I was on the 401 when both these cars past me at speed, and they were very close together, both well over the speed limit! Judge should have banned the driver, I don’t believe his story of falling a sleep because of the aggressive driving!

  2. More f**kups that the prosecutor and judge are trying to correct / coverup. Can this case get any stranger? Stay tuned, I’m sure it will get stranger as we go on.

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