Cornwall Ontario – Justice Deborah Kinsella, who brought a Judge Judy pencil bag to trial,  gagged a case this writer covered.   Not only did she place a gag order on the plaintiff and defendant.  She put the same order on the witnesses.    While there is a reason to gagContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –  It’s amazing how far some can get in the Cornwall area with just a PSW certificate.   Makes this writer think I should get one too. Cornwall City Councilor Maurice Dupelle has seen his take him to a top management position with near Sunshine List remuneration with CommunityContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – What do you do when you mess up a case in Cornwall Ontario?   Run it in a language that the victims, and most media need a translator for! Even though transcripts from the botched handling the Kristine Cadieux death by Felix Laframboise show that Mr. Laframboise agreedContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – The big question many are asking is if Jennifer Burke should be fired as a Crown after the Cadieux case has been exposed? It’s becoming clear that she assigned an articling student to a case involving a francophone from Quebec that resulted in a death. Instead ofContinue Reading

Last week I sent out press releases to area media.  It invited members of the press to attend my conference in front of City Hall. Only one outlet showed up and I gave out my information and was asked some good questions as the reporter is one of our betterContinue Reading