I announce I’m IN TO WIN in 2014. Clarify Rumors & Police Announcement – August 5, 2014

I announce I’m  IN TO WIN in 2014.   Clarify Rumors & Police Announcement – August 5, 2014

JG Election 300x250-02  TESTLast week I sent out press releases to area media.  It invited members of the press to attend my conference in front of City Hall.

Only one outlet showed up and I gave out my information and was asked some good questions as the reporter is one of our better ones in this city.

One of the reasons I didn’t run for office in 2010 is that I felt I wouldn’t get a fair and professional shake from our area media.

This year; with really only two local outlets with newsrooms left I didn’t expect much better.  In this case I even invited Cogego and the Seekers as I thought they might actually find something by attending the event.

I had announced in Social media that I was going to spill some beans and at my event I was asked a very interesting question.  I was asked how I would handle wearing both hats; as editor of the largest newspaper in Cornwall and as candidate for Mayor?

I answered clearly.   That I would embargo CFN to give media a fair chance to get the cream from any announcement during my campaign.   I told the reporter that I would not write about what occurred until Monday.   Even though people kept pestering me I stayed mum giving the reporter a chance to get his story out.

Today is Tuesday of course and the Standard Freeholder did not write a piece even though I was twice assured.   The Seaway News did not show up at all or email.

Now is this chiefly fair to the public?  Should the public not be appraised of what candidates have to say; especially for Mayor?

It’s not like I send out missives and releases daily; nor even write in my campaign blog that often?

It makes one wonder if the two beneficiaries of the bulk of the city’s near $300K per year in advertising are practicing journalism at times or are simply playing fast and greasy?  Would they have run the story if I wasn’t editor of CFN?

The announcements were three.     I wanted to squelch a few rumours.    Chiefly that I was  “In to Win” and would not be pulling out of the race based on the current slate of candidates.

Two, I would not be shifting to run as councilor no matter what happened.

I wanted to make those two points concrete clear.

The third issue I wanted to share with the my fellow members of the Fouth Estate was that after reading another media outlet talk about our police board giving out new three year contracts to our Police Chief and Deputy Chief that no such contracts should be tendered by this board and no new contracts given out until after the election.

Cornwall has enough image issues and with what has occurred this term and the fact that a candidate for mayor has conditions from charges laid that have been proven without a doubt to be false, that the current mayor and his campaign manager having potential leverage over the process are not the optics to help build a city upon.

Add in that the first crown in my case has a father that is connected to City Hall via Heart of the City and there simply are too many dots that raise too many questions; some of which will have to be answered at some point even though Crown Jennifer Burke has now been removed from my criminal case.

To have anyone accused of making threatening phone calls from a specific phone number, at a specific time, for a specific duration be put through what I have without the police ever looking at my phone or phone records; having a crown refuse to ask for a production order for those phone records until asked to refuse in writing, and then when the production order clearly shows that the calls as detailed were in fact never made surely should end any question as to the situation.

Yet here we are just about at the six month mark with conditions hanging over my head that allow the person who falsely claimed I phoned them taking pot shots on Social media while if I were to write; even without naming the person; what happened the day of the charges could be held in breach and charged.

We do live in Canada and this being Cornwall and an election coming up we need to use what are termed “The Best Practices”.

In this case we should not be handing out any new contracts that could have any whiff of taint on them.

So there you have it Cornwall.  I am IN TO WIN in 2014.

If you really want change in Cornwall.  If you want a mayor to work with to lower taxes, retain and attract our young people, work with local business to promote growth as opposed to corporate welfare that simply bloat taxes and take money out of local businesses pockets you have only one clear option.

I will not kiss babies nor kiss hind quarters.   I will not smile and whisper sweet nothing into the voters ears or make promises we all know could never be kept.

Cornwall needs to stand up if it really wants to change, and if Cornwall truly wants change there is only one candidate to vote for for Mayor in 2014.

I hope we can all be that change even if some of  TC MEDIA & SUN MEDIA folks won’t play fair dinkum.

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