Cyber Bullying & Criminal Harassment Charges Filed by OPS & RCMP August 5, 2014

opsCFN – An Ottawa Police investigation has resulted in 181 charges laid against one individual related to the cyber bullying and harassment of 38 individuals across Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom –18 of which are from Ottawa.

Charged in this case is Robert CAMPBELL, 42 years old of Ottawa:

  • Criminal Harassment X27 per Section 264(2) (b) CCC
  • Defamation Libel X85 per Section 300 CCC
  • Identity Fraud X69 per Section 403 CCC

He is scheduled to appear in court today.

“Cyber bullying and harassing people over the internet is a serious offence,” said A/Insp. Carl Cartright, Ottawa Police Service. “Individuals who engage in this behaviour will be charged criminally by police.  We urge victims to come forward and report this crime.” 

The eight month investigation called “Project Winter” included co-operation between the Ottawa Police Service (OPS) and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) utilizing investigative techniques that allowed for the identification of the unidentified suspect who was using internet anonymity software.

On Thursday, July 31th, a search warrant was executed by Ottawa Police on a residence in the City of Ottawa’s west end, and resulted in the 181 charges laid.

OPS investigators also received assistance from investigators from the Vancouver Police Department (VPD), the Central Saanich Police Service (CSPS), Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), the Rothesay Regional Police Department (RRPD), the Halifax Regional Police, the Hertforshire Constabulary in the United Kingdom, the London Metropolitan Police Department in the United Kingdom and the Ferndale Michigan Police Department in the United States.


  1. I am very pleased to see these prosecutions. I am collecting witnesses to slurs to my good name and character which have come to my attention because they are widespread behind my back.
    anyone wishing to testify in court as to the origins of these slurs may contact me at:

  2. The internet is a great resource tool but far too often it is used with intent to bully those who have a difference of views.

    Cyber Bullying is a common occurrence and even practiced by certain groups in Cornwall.
    In particular some groups have been removed for “containing hate speech and or symbols” only to re-name themselves but with the same individuals involved.
    The practice is considered mob like behavior and the content therein is directed to a particular group or individuals.
    Often like bullying, self esteem is at play and those individuals whose low self esteem is elated by their actions of belittlement of others.
    Some simply join a particular group in a sense of belonging in their world of loneliness for some form of attachment and for positive reinforcement even in the act of bullying.

    I would like to encourage you folks to understand that low self esteem is the underlining issue and bullying is not just isolated to the schoolyard ,like your children are encourage speak up on it.

  3. Author

    Chris I think that what’s compounding the issue here in Cornwall is the apparent reluctance of the local Crown to allow the CPS, OPP, or RCMP from moving forward with charges of criminal harassment, copyright theft, etc.

    I think the public is owed a reason why that is? Is it just because of whom the group is aiming at?

  4. Jamie I think there are many grey area’s with cyber bullying and perhaps the authorities may be unsure how to address the issues.
    I believe that groups such as one of the THE Cornwall local group vent their frustrations in life through bullying actions with a sense of commonality in actions.
    It comes down to sense of belonging in an otherwise lonely existence.

  5. Cyber-bullying and cyber-crime are forever changing due to technology advances,

  6. True Hugger1,
    But that does not mean they are above the law.
    It would appear that a leader of a Group such as this has their 15 minutes of fame ….but more fame to come as more legal ramifications occur as ALL must be held accountable with Full DISCLOSURE (how well do you know your Facebook Friends?. Then watch the remaining vultures of the group leave what is left of the dying carcus of the group .This will be fun to watch and experience.
    For all of you out there that can read between the lines …THIS IS ALL ABOUT DIRTY POLITICS IN SOUTH STORMONT.

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