Cornwall Ontario – Last night’s meet, greet, and debate revealed that politicians do lie and I and Council candidate Brent Charles was surprised to finally get an honest answer from Cornwall Mayor Leslie O’Shaughnessy regarding his failures and lies broken promises as a mayor. During the meet and greet, O’Shaughnessy was asked aboutContinue Reading

To the Editor: The City Council and my office have been fielding questions about the strike and our reluctance to comment about the issues which have led to it.  I wanted to take this opportunity to make our reasons clear.  We appreciate that the public have a desire to knowContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – The easiest way to explain what happens to WHISTLEBLOWERS is to use few examples from my case,  but this could have happened to anyone, your mother, father, daughter or son. There are multiple documents/books which give a template to shut down Whistleblowers. Step 1: Deny everything.   In myContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –  Oddly enough the Standard Freeholder was pretty much silent when this writer took our very hypocritical Mayor and two councilors to court over their gross conflict of interest over the utter joke that was the Benson Vanity University project that the mayor and councillors Elaine Macdonald, andContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Sources have confirmed to CFN that City CAO Maureen Adams wanted the Clement Marina Condo project kept in camera, but that some on council stated it wasn’t an in camera issue which led to a 6-5 vote to move the issue to PAC. Because the meeting wasContinue Reading

CORNWALL ONTARIO –  Unlike Hugo “The Hack” Rodrigues at the Freeholder, I’m not afraid to give someone credit when credit is due.  Nor do I not mention their name like a silly silly petty person. His Friday editorial hits the nail on the head. Instead of dealing with the adversityContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – It would be interesting to have a review done of Judge Rick Leroy’s transcripts for the Diane Shay case as well as the conflict of interest case brought against Mayor Leslie O’Shaughnessy and councilors Elaine Macdonald and Carilyne Hebert who sat on the board of a groupContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario as a community has historically poorly supported the arts.  With an influx of seniors from communities that do support the arts it makes sense for some of those sports dollars to shift. Sadly, that isn’t the case.  The city’s 36 year old public art gallery, TAG Cornwall, isContinue Reading

As some of you know CFN has been the victim of a conspiratorial boycott led by City Hall since 2012.    In its 4th year the tentacles sadly extend through the community. City Hall actually had their lawyer state that the largest newspaper in the community is a blog.  A veryContinue Reading

It’s interesting to see what hits a button with people and what doesn’t?   In this age of internet newspapers like CFN we get to see direct results by page view counts, comments, and of course Social Media chatter. In 2015 we also live in an age of near OrwellianContinue Reading

Incredulously enough City Council asked the very person at the root of the Chem tank cover up scandal to issue a report, which he did last month. Bob Peters is the number two in our Economic Development office.  His tome to council reads like a game of Three Card Monte.Continue Reading

What can you say when someone runs on a campaign against City Hall corruption featuring a Whistle blower at his campaign opening and essentially turns his back on her after getting elected? Why that’s almost like stabbing the person that got you elected or having to find a judge toContinue Reading

So I just finished reading the document that Mayor O’Shaughnessy & CAO Norm Levac are trying to ram though a all too often gullible public.  Remember, this is the city that elected Brock Frost. The principle of a Code of Conduct is of course a wonderful thing other than theContinue Reading

Cornwall Mayor Leslie O’Shaugnessy finally came out of hiding and spoke with the CBC regarding Wormgate.    He blames Social Media and at the end suggested misinformation.   Oddly enough he spoke with CBC instead of local media. The mayor has refused to grant an interview to CFN since hisContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – Apologies for not writing as much as I normally do for the last while.    I was in mourning. My beloved dog Melly passed away a week ago Saturday. She was one of the greatest relationships in my life.    She was always there, and always willContinue Reading

Hugo, Hugo, Hugo….  The Freeholder editor took on the question of whether to replace an elected official or hold a bye election.  He cited the Brock Frost drama, but omitted to mention the Conflict of Interest lawsuit pending Mayor O’Shaughnessy, and Councilors Hebert and MacDonald. The irony is that someContinue Reading