Why I Will be Boycotting the Seaway Food Festival & All 11 Eateries by Jamie Gilcig MARCH 8, 2016

As some of you know CFN has been the victim of a conspiratorial boycott led by City Hall since 2012.    In its 4th year the tentacles sadly extend through the community.

City Hall actually had their lawyer state that the largest newspaper in the community is a blog.  A very odd thing to say, but when you realize that there is legislation that requires them to post notices and advertisements in newspapers makes sense if you’re trying to boycott the largest newspaper in your community.

Advance to 1:14 mark to hear Mayor Leslie O’Shaughnessy talk about the city lawyer call CFN a blog

Personally I’m against boycotts, but after several years of silliness I’ve grown tired of dealing with the issue.

As the only real restaurant reviewer in the region it seems odd for these establishments to support the boycott, yet they do.   Yes, a few have been threatened.  One for example was told that if they didn’t pull their ad they would not get a patio permit from City Hall.

Of course these threats do not come via City Hall stationary, but proof is available if necessary for some of the mayhem.

In the meanwhile I will be boycotting the Seaway Food Festival and all of the following establishments connected to it.  Whether these businesses believe it or not when they boycott CFN they are not boycotting me personally, but our valued viewers (which in most cases includes themselves!)
leon sabourin schnitzels

Previous Schnitzel banner.   CFN actually provided 3 times the traffic than all other media at the time.


Table 21/Truffles Burger Bar

Moustache Joe’s


Bar Q

Esca Gourmet Pizza & Bar

Sheep’s Head Bistro

Eight Zero Zero

Love Love Food

Peppermills Grill & Bakery

Boycotts really hurt a community.    For example since the boycott CFN has had 89 million human page views.  Imagine the result to our community GDP if there was no boycott?   Many on this list were happy CFN clients before the boycott began.

So as of today, March 8th, 2016 I will be boycotting these establishments, this event, and am asking all those that care about their community to support the boycott until their boycott of CFN is ended.

Honestly, it’s not up to David Sherriff Scott as to what’s a newspaper and what’s a blog.



  1. People wonder why I hate Cornwall so much and so much so that they will never again have my business. None of the restaurants mentioned above have anything to do where I went in Cornwall and I never will ever go back to any who have given Jamie a terrible time. Well it won’t ever happen again because I am through with going to Cornwall. I don’t support this nonsense.

  2. The boycott IS silly, and seems illegal as well, being that civil servants are behind it.
    Truffles burger bar is absolutely disgusting, all their food. Wasted a lot of money there with one visit, but that’s not hard to do when you have Manhattan prices. Shnitzels is WAY overrated. Average food. Just my opinion.

  3. Author

    Jerry I’ve had some great meals at Truffles. Ahmad is a wonderful chef. He’s a master with a piece of meat.

  4. Jamie, that’s what i was told and people still say. Maybe it was just that day of something, but it was off.

  5. So, you’re boycotting the boycotters?

  6. Author

    Hugger sadly that is what it’s come to. I think it’s time that the community simply step up and say enough is enough. Clearly Cornwall loves to read CFN. The numbers prove that.

    Clearly there are some businesses that want to advertise with us, but are being intimidated and bullied into not doing so which hurts the economy.

    Clearly there is fear in outing the culprits behind the CFN boycott.

    The only real way to end this is for the public to step up and ask basic questions.

    I have one for you though. If you or a friend or family member’s businesses were being boycotted by a person or group would you still support said party?

    I really try to stay on the high road, but it’s time for the non-clique people in Cornwall to stand up to the bullies. This is a great opportunity.

    Next week I will be publishing another targeted list of businesses that have been rude or disrespectful in boycotting CFN.

    I will announce that I am boycotting this list and again ask our viewers to do the same.

    If anyone is that backwards to think that what’s going on is fair dinkum then they should be held accountable. No?

    Any business, charity, or organization or department of government should be able to advertise anywhere they wish without fear of impunity and frankly it’s time that CFN get it’s reasonable fair share of our marketplace.

    This newspaper could be a fulcrum of growth for our community. We are the canary in Cornwall’s coal mine. The public and outside world believe it or not are watching.

  7. What I see about all this nonsense of boycotting Jamie’s CFN is that O’Shaughnessey is no better than BOB and his culprits – they are all one gang ready to tear down businesses that don’t go along with their mafia gangster ways. I am so mighty grateful to have left Cornwall for good and that is the truth folks. I cannot live under such a horrible way of life. People cannot make a living.

  8. Jules….all I can say is politicians are politicians are politicians.

  9. Hugger I have not seen or heard of this kind of behavior anywhere except Cornwall. That is the truth Hugger I have never ever seen such behavior in my life.

  10. We used to go down to Cornwall every three months sometimes six months and sometimes every month and we would spend money down there on restaurants and the odd time on stores but no more. The behavior has made me very sick. I used to hear things from neighbors who said that the mayor and council controlled who would have what business and now I see it for myself.

  11. You’be never heard of politicians trying to control the media? Sadly it happens all the time. In this form it’s a boycott. Politicians try to control the media all the time.

  12. Author

    We saw the last mayor and some of his cronies start the boycott and they paid a price. The next election is coming up fast enough and this bunch will have to own their failures of this term from abusing ice rinks, bullying businesses where to advertise, worm kids, and locally owned newspapers that have the largest market share.

  13. I forgot one more thing myself folks and that is we purchased a car from the Toyota dealer in Cornwall and yes they are very nice people but when people boycott Jamie’s business then I too will boycott their businesses as well. We do spend money folks but no more and we could have purchased a vehicle here in Ottawa instead. No more we will purchase in Ottawa instead.

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  15. Hugger I have heard something only one time that happened some years ago when Jean Chrétien was PM and an editor of the Ottawa Citizen or Ottawa Sun said something negative about Chrétien and the owner of the paper chain Izzy Asper went and fired the editor and that was the time that I can remember the owner putting his nose into something since he was good friends of Chrétien like all the elites.

  16. When the mayor and his bunch interferes with good businesses they chase away the economy of the town and they make life mighty unlivable and miserable to live in such a town. The freeloader will not exist for too long and it is going away like all other papers. When the New York Times and other world wide newspapers are losing the freeloader will soon close its doors for good.

  17. You’ve only heard of one time where government tries to control media? Seriously?? What about our last federal election? Harper did his best to control his rallies (& the media involved), much like Trump is trying to do in the U.S. There are countless other instances.

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