Cornwall Ontario –  Here’s an issue you kinda sorta can’t blame the government on.   While the high cost of gasoline is heavily taxed, if you live in this part of Ontario seeing 20-30 cent price swings per litre is a regular occurrence. That can be over a freaking $1.00 perContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –   Our city councilor here in Cornwall, Claude McIntosh,  actually once wrote about me having to do all the jobs here at CFN as though it were something to be embarrassed about or amateur.   Of course he’s participated on a City Council that boycotts this newspaper and inContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –  I live in a very strange community.  Ignorance and corruption are literally destroying our local economy.   Now two of the main three media are for sale, and the Standard Freeholder is rumored to be wobbly.  Corus Radio chopped its newsroom staff a few years ago asContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Eight is a mystical number.  It’s also a version of the infinity sign if you turn it sideways. The Cornwall Free News turned eight this week, on the 9th.    I decided to not have any fanfare or major celebration as the last time I did so,Continue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Surviving a conspiratorial City of Cornwall led boycott isn’t easy.   As we approach our 8th Anniversary good news is always nice to see especially as we survive on a near non budget with little to no staffing. Thanks to our many contributors and supporters who helpedContinue Reading

CORNWALL ONTARIO –  Another clique run business has shut it’s doors.  Recently Bryan Merkely shut down his adult education facility and sold the building, and now former President of the Cornwall Chamber of Commerce, Kevin Hargreaves and his wife Wendy, have folded the local Kelsey’s franchise.  They join disgraced formerContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – I always marvel at the depths that the Bob Peters, Bernadette Clement, Guy Lauzon cliques, and their sillier psychophantic followers,  will sink to in proving, that one, they aren’t terribly good at what they do, and two, that whether or not they like it the vast majorityContinue Reading

As some of you know CFN has been the victim of a conspiratorial boycott led by City Hall since 2012.    In its 4th year the tentacles sadly extend through the community. City Hall actually had their lawyer state that the largest newspaper in the community is a blog.  A veryContinue Reading

A new sign grading for local eateries goes into effect in 2016.    In theory it’s a great idea giving consumers a clear window via a Green card, inferring safety, yellow, and red for closed.    However in theory Communism is the best form of government which has never reallyContinue Reading

It’s that time of the year!    Twice per year we ask you, our dear CFN viewers to support your favorite source for independent media. All you had to do was watch the coverage from this last election to see how important not only independent media are, but that yourContinue Reading

  The one consistent when I’ve entertained offers to purchase CFN these past three years has been the request that I remain in some capacity with the paper.    The negotiations that have commenced this week are no different in that aspect. The one big difference was that Cornwall beContinue Reading

Oh Canada!   Tomorrow is July 1st.  Sadly you won’t see CFN participating in our local event that is about to be rained out (bad karma thanks to Guy) as our MP has hijacked Canada Festivities in our city. Canada Day, above all days, should be inclusive and community building.Continue Reading

CFN represents an interesting cross roads in journalism. Is news different than entertainment? Has the news become too corporate? Are media outlets too afraid to report news for fear of losing clients? Can you trust anything you read if jaundiced by that? Does the public care about important issues? HowContinue Reading