Another #Epicfail Civic Complex Event Fail Due to Petty Cornwall Politics by Jamie Gilcig DEC 29, 2016

Another #Epicfail Civic Complex Event Fail Due to Petty Cornwall Politics by Jamie Gilcig DEC 29, 2016

Cornwall Ontario – I always marvel at the depths that the Bob Peters, Bernadette Clement, Guy Lauzon cliques, and their sillier psychophantic followers,  will sink to in proving, that one, they aren’t terribly good at what they do, and two, that whether or not they like it the vast majority of this city reads CFN more than any other media.   As a matter of fact there was a time when I believe that CFN had more traffic than the Freeholder, Seaway News, Seeker Chicks, and Corus radio combined.

This newspaper has helped fill the seats for many events.  I don’t think we’ve had too many people ever complain about the results of our advertising except for one car dealer who bought the tiniest ad possible for a short term in our early days and the complained when it didn’t get the same results as the full page ads he’d bought in our competition.

Like I’ve always written, I’d rather be a small part of something big, than whatever it is the Seekers hope to be from whatever mess they’re running for Ribfest.

As many know I worked in Hockey, running events and sports card shows, then working and repping athletes for events, and eventually working for a major hockey card producer and finally the Habs.  Oh, and I worked with the owners of The Greatest Hockey Legends on Ice, a touring team that featured Maurice Richard and some of the greatest legends to ever skate them up that still could.

I bleed hockey as much as any Canadian red blooded male.    But alas, corruption, Deputy CCPS Chief Danny Aikman, and small town petty politics means that when the alumni team shows up to play I don’t get an ad on CFN which chiefly means that the game turns in an excuse for some old farts on the law enforcement team getting to have fun with some ex NHLers playing to a near empty Civic Complex as happened last night here in Cornwall.

Repeatedly failing, one would think, give someone a pregnant pause of consideration that perhaps, just perhaps, the silly boycott and pettiness that is reflected on them, especially in their repeated failures, would bother some of these folks, but many times it’s not their own money,but tax dollars or community dollars that swizzle down the drain.

And then they bleat like sheep when Cornwall gets criticized in memes or spout off about “rumors” at Team Cornwall AGM’s.

You just can’t make stuff like this up.

I personally feel bad for the players that showed up last night as there was an interesting crew that showed up to entertain a crowd that simply from what I’ve heard simply didn’t know a game was being played.

That the charity for the game is the biggest loser again simply amplifies the reflection of our local law enforcement and those responsible for putting on a game, but forgetting to promote it.

What do you think Cornwall?  You can post your comments below.

CFN is a proud media sponsor of the Cornwall Nationals!

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