Former Cornwall Chamber Prez Kevin Hargreaves Shuts Down His Kelsey’s Franchise JAN 2, 2016

Former Cornwall Chamber Prez Kevin Hargreaves Shuts Down His Kelsey’s Franchise JAN 2, 2016

CORNWALL ONTARIO –  Another clique run business has shut it’s doors.  Recently Bryan Merkely shut down his adult education facility and sold the building, and now former President of the Cornwall Chamber of Commerce, Kevin Hargreaves and his wife Wendy, have folded the local Kelsey’s franchise.  They join disgraced former Liberal bag man, former Team Cornwall President, and financial advisor Gilles Latour, and fraudster and former City Councilor Brock Frost as the clique loses businesses one by one.

It’s odd, as Kelsey’s, part of the Cara group of fine eateries, normally do very well, but small town politics can be a double edged sword.

Mr. Hargreaves was infamous for giving the Canadian Charter the finger for the Chamber’s televised election debate over a new dress code that many felt was directed at this writer who was running for mayor of Cornwall,  as well as a banning of electronic devices at the debate.

Below was his answer to what would be “inappropriate” attire.

Mr. Gilcig,


Proper Business Casual for Men

  • Try khakis and a button-down shirt. If you opt for other shirt styles, it should always have a collar and sleeves. Clothing should always be clean and wrinkle-free. Avoid any holes or fraying. Wear socks in a color that coordinates with your pants, and that are long enough to avoid exposing your skin when you sit.

Shoes should be polished and leather is preferred. Avoid athletic shoes or boots. It is wise to keep a jacket and tie in the office for any unexpected meetings or guests.

While business casual is designed to make you more comfortable, you should always convey a professional and poised appearance.

Read more :


Never mind the Canadian Charter of Rights.  This is an event we, the Chamber are putting on and can impose whatever dress code we feel is appropriate.  The fact that you had to ask what is appropriate is ridiculous.  If you want to run this City you should have some idea of what “appropriate attire” is.  Should you choose to deviate from the directions you will be either be removed from the forum or the salon as a whole.




Kevin Hargreaves

President, Cornwall and Area Chamber of Commerce

Former journalist Greg Kielec, who himself was running for council that year noted:

Not to mention no electronic devices are allowed. Never seen that before at a candidates debate. In Toronto people are live tweeting every event in blow by blow coverage. Downright strange.

Mr. Hargreaves also boycotted this media outlet which is why I stopped eating at his establishment, and all Cara restaurants as some of us actually care about the Canadian Charter.

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Ironically, the location has seen improvement with a Lowe’s opening in the mall and Brookdale Avenue finally being open to the bridge to the US.

The restaurant employed around twenty staff.

It’s yet another death knell for the corrupt clique that has been bullying and dragging down small business and the local economy in Cornwall Ontario.

Cara and the Hargreaves have not responded to CFN as of press time.  The restaurant’s phone rang, but there was no voicemail service.  Cara has a voicemail that informs media that they only check for messages twice daily.

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