Cornwall Ontario –   It’s a chilly -12c at 5:30 AM.   Temperatures will fall before snow starts later in the early evening with a high reaching zero in the afternoon.

A mass of precipitation is expected for Tuesday.  A shift of temperature by a degree or two can mean the difference between a heavy snowfall of over 10cm or over 30mm of rain.   Expect everything including ice pellets and freezing rain mixed in.

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Temperatures will stay warm through Wednesday before dropping to a more seasonal -10c range.

It’s advised to avoid travel during freezing rain episodes.  Last week’s drew a large amount of vehicle collisions as drivers couldn’t avoid issues.


4:39 AM EST Monday 02 January 2017
Freezing rain warning in effect for:

  • Cornwall – Lancaster
  • Maxville – Alexandria
  • Morrisburg – Long Sault
  • Winchester – Newington

Freezing rain is expected to develop Tuesday morning.

Some snow or ice pellets are expected to develop overnight as a Colorado low begins to head towards the Great Lakes. It will change to some freezing rain early Tuesday morning and linger for much of the day before changing to rain towards evening.

Some light accumulations of freezing rain are expected to make some untreated roads and sidewalks slippery.

Surfaces such as highways, roads, walkways and parking lots may become icy and slippery. Take extra care when walking or driving in affected areas. There may be a significant impact on rush hour traffic in urban areas.

Freezing rain warnings are issued when rain falling in sub-zero temperatures creates ice build-up and icy surfaces.

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