All buses are cancelled for the kiddies today as the Cornwall area has been blanketed by the expected snow storm. While tapering off, the snow is still falling in many areas locally. Warnings 4:45 AM EST Tuesday 12 November 2019Snowfall warning in effect for: Cornwall – Lancaster Maxville – AlexandriaContinue Reading

As the Cornwall region digs out of a massive Colorado snow dump it’s an opportunity for a Winter snow day. With so many institutions closed, and hopefully most of our viewers prepared for the storm, we wish everyone a lovely Winter day and hopefully we can all enjoy and appreciateContinue Reading

A massive Snow storm is about to hit the Cornwall Ontario area with over 30cm of snow Tuesday with another 10 or so expected Wednesday. Temperatures will warm up from our current -15c Tuesday morning to near the zero mark. Morning is the time to stock up if you haven’tContinue Reading

Freezing drizzle and icky Winter conditions have cancelled all school buses today in the Cornwall area. Expect more rain and potential flooding in some areas before temps warm up overnight tonight before freezing up on Tuesday. Stay tuned to CFN for all your weather alerts and updates! Warnings 4:50 AMContinue Reading

For Wednesday January 23, 2019 all school vehicle transportation has been cancelled due to inclement weather and road conditions. Blowing snow with freezing rain is forecast for the region, resulting in dangerous driving conditions. Schools will remain open. We have snow predicted for the day turning to mixed precipitation andContinue Reading

Nobody should be surprised as predictions of this storm have started mid week, but it’s starting to blow and it’s a rare mix of very cold temperatures and heavy snowfall with as many as 30cm predicted in some regions of Eastern Ontario. Here in Downtown Cornwall it’s -22c at CFNContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – The River City is waking up to -20c temps as this short cold snap is about to come to an end as a warm pressure system cruises through our region bringing freezing rain, and other yucky precipitation which will turn into actual rain starting tonight and intoContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –   The temperature will warm up as snow hits us starting tonight.  Currently it’s -10 in Downtown Cornwall Ontario.   The snow starts into the night and expect Friday to be wet and messy with a high near zero. The good news is that he weekend should be aContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Our first real snowfall is predicted for later today and overnight.   Aren’t I glad I put our snow tires on this week.   Did you? CFN NearAcuWeather forecast for Saturday into Sunday: A high of only 5c for the Cornwall region.  Expect 2-5cm of the white stuff withContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Eastern Ontario is about to get a whupping from Mother Nature including TORNADO warnings in the Newington and Winchester areas nearby. Please use caution and do not wear tin foil hats until the all clear is given or the zappy thing ports you safely to Nurbital. WeContinue Reading