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CFN represents an interesting cross roads in journalism.

Is news different than entertainment?

Has the news become too corporate?

Are media outlets too afraid to report news for fear of losing clients?

Can you trust anything you read if jaundiced by that?

Does the public care about important issues?

How can they care about important issues if they aren’t aware of them?

How can media cover certain stories if we’re in fear of losing revenue?

Here in Cornwall we’ve seen two media outlets essentially front for a very corrupt council.     We saw Todd Lihou refuse to practice proper journalism during the election.   We saw prejudice cloud the news from traditional media outlets.  We saw one newsroom close only to see Bill Kingston create a new news site yet still practice corrupt media gaining favour of Denis Thibault and the EOTB which uses public dollars and chose to advertise there.

We’ve seen a reporter dumped from his outlet for covering the Kilger council.  We have heard allegations that after one radio news guy blasted Mayor Kilger last term it resulted in ad cuts which resulted in no more newsroom for that station killing three jobs.

Now to many of you these sorts of issue don’t matter.  That’s your choice, but for others important issues are something you want to know about.

For media to survive we need revenue.  We need to be able to support staff and some stories can be very expensive to cover.

It’s time for Cornwall to decide if they want real truly independent media.

Do you value that?  Do you want it and how will you support it?

Now all media are struggling with many of these questions, but after three years of a very silly, divisive, and destructive boycott it’s time for Cornwall to show some support back.  A boycott that looks like will continue under the O’Shaughnessy council.

CFN wants to raise $100,000 for our budget for 2015.

We can only do that with our viewers help.

Some of you own businesses and can advertise with us.

Some of you have resources and can donate some of those if you care to.

Some of you can simply let government agencies know that CFN should have some of their tax funded budgets.






Government of Canada

Government of Ontario

The United Counties of SD&G

MP Guy Lauzon

MPP Jim McDonell



Seaway Tourism

Upper Canada Village

and more government agencies all spend your dollars.   With the largest market share in Cornwall shouldn’t some of their budgets be spent with CFN?  Why can the Standard Freeholder have called the McGuinty government “McFiberals” and still get ad dollars and CFN none?

The City of Cornwall and related agencies as well boycott CFN.

Our viewers can also let the businesses they shop at or services use know that they read us and that perhaps some of their budgets might be considered with the most read media in Cornwall and the area?

The numbers don’t lie.  It’s time for the community to show back some of the same support that we’ve show it.

You can reach us at



If CFN has accomplished anything over the last six years I think we’ve shown that a single person can make a difference.   Now it’s time for you to make a difference, and if you value CFN now is the time to show that support.

There’s also been some confusion about what CFN really is and really about.  I would encourage anyone to read our Mission and Vision Statement page.

CFN has achieved an amazing feat with little to no resources.   Imagine the impact we can all have on our community if Cornwall shows its support?   Will you take that step?

Let’s all make 2015 a memorable year for this city!

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  1. I find it sad that people critize CFN while the “major” newspaper still hasn’t got one word of the mini ice storm on its website.
    They are now running “news stories” on the opening of a local franchise.Sadly there is also an advertisement on the same page from that business making you wonder if the price of an ad is a not and a wink that you get a “Free” news story.
    They recently ran a hockey fistfight photo on the Front page trying to keep up with this “one man” Cornwall Free News organization.
    The last two or three editorials-over there- didn’t even have ONE comment while here there is always plenty of discussion.

  2. Melman….I guess it comes down to how the media outlet operates. Jamie is a lot more hands on than the CSF. I think the CSF writrs, etc keep standard hours. There will probably be a stor in the CSF about the weather tomorrow. I find the CSF is usually at least one day behind in reporting events.

  3. So CFN is a charity now? Lol just when I thought I’ve seen it all. I’d like to make a donation of ZERO. Can I pay by personal cheque?

    I am not surprised at the audacity of asking for money from the people of Cornwall to support your ridiculous blog. $100,000? Really? Does Cornwall even need CFN? What benefit are the people of Cornwall getting with your blogs? Surely there are better, more effective avenues for local businesses to explore when it comes to advertising? How would CFN ceasing to exist have any negative effect on the city of Cornwall?

    Questions to consider!

  4. Methinks that Mr Munro might be a few bricks short of a load, or maybe rowing his boat with one oar. I hope CFN keeps posting his comments. Pretty funny stuff!

  5. CSF is a joke and we have Colin Munro as a joke here to laugh at every time he comes on to spew his BS. Speaking about BS you mean to say that CSF has not reported on the ice storm. LOL LOL. ROLF! God Almighty I told all of you what that toilet paper of record is only good for and all are mighty jealous of Jamie’s CFN. If Jamie is asking $100K for his paper then CSF can’t be worth more than $10.00 yes ten dollars. Nobody with an intelligent mind will read CSF or CSN. That is only good for the dog to do its doo doo on and says SAYONORA.

  6. Furtz “a few bricks short of a load” I think you mean to say a ton of bricks short of any load. I myself cannot help but laugh at such a character let alone anybody else.

  7. It would appear that if it were not for CFN Colin Munro might not have a life. At least he can read.

  8. Author

    David there is a difference between reading and comprehension….

  9. How are things in Cornwall, China?

    The sad story about the rink brought me to Cornwall websites. While the rink may have had to come down, the method by which it was done was obviously underhanded. No municipality moves that quick, and especially not the first day after Christmas break.

    Who is this Munro guy …. seems like a shill. He reminds me of the wumao on Chinese websites paid by the Chinese government to spread propaganda and prevent real news.

    Colin, does Cornwall need CFN? Well reading the variety of news outlets in Cornwall, I would say quite obviously it really does. Wow, you people have some serious issues in this town. You ever have your own Rob Ford. Aren’t you proud ….. A duh, I am going to pay 100% of the lawsuit just to speed up the process ….. ya, right …. sounds more like someone was worried about going to jail.

    I don’t even live in Cornwall, but obviously you need some help with democracy in what was one of my favourite pass through cities on the way to Montreal, but it sounds like I should stop somewhere else until you get your house in order.

    Does the editor go overboard .. ya at times, but I can sense the frustration with the small town politics in what should be a democracy.

    Sad really.

    Oh, and Colin …. stop flattering yourself about your looks … makes me sick to think people like you are in this world.

  10. Agreed Admin, no where did I infer that he could understand. He has yet to provide any evidence to support that claim.

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