Is it Time for a Gas Boycott in the Cornwall Area? NO MacEwen’s Gas from MAY 7-14, 2018

Is it Time for a Gas Boycott in the Cornwall Area?  NO MacEwen’s Gas from MAY 7-14, 2018

Cornwall Ontario –  Here’s an issue you kinda sorta can’t blame the government on.   While the high cost of gasoline is heavily taxed, if you live in this part of Ontario seeing 20-30 cent price swings per litre is a regular occurrence.

That can be over a freaking $1.00 per US gallon!

What we seem to have is essentially price fixing of a sort as the prices are usually step in step.  There are two major chains in our area, MacEwen’s/Esso and Shell brands.

People have been complaining for years, but governments won’t do anything as they make heavy tax dollars by the manipulation of prices, and they are being manipulated and mostly have nothing to do with any external issues.

Living in Cornwall many of us gas up on “the rez”.   So many of us do that they make it easy for us and show the conversion at the many of the stations on the US side of Akwesasne.  This week saw prices above $1.30 in Cornwall while about $1.20 in nearby Alexandria.   On the rez, with conversion, $1.00 per litre.  In fact prices rarely show much jump on the US side unless there’s a real stimulus in the market up or down.  (Isn’t it funny how it goes up faster than the price drops? )

And as crazy as this may sound it appears it’s all the same gasoline and all from the same refineries.

So if it’s not the government, and it’s not external issues like storms or war, why do our prices in Cornwall simply rise and flow so drastically and regularly for something almost all of you reading this need to survive,  and why do people do nothing about it?  And what should the price of fuel be based on the cost of a barrel of oil?

Are you willing to try?   To at least send a message?  We know that we generally can’t go long without gassing up, but we can send a message.

So for this week, from May 7 through 14th, 2018 do not buy a drop of gas from MacEwen’s.   It’s not that they are the villains or a bad company.    It’s just their turn first.   Nada.  Don’t even stop for coffee.   Send them a message that we’re tired of being gouged and jerked around with gas prices.   Surely we drivers can do that for one week?

In fact, if you’re really feeling energetic call them @ 1-800-267-7175.



Are you mad?  Have you had enough of being jerked around with no defense for something that it is critical to life and an essential need until we move into Electric cars?

And if we don’t see any price stability by the 14th then it’ll be Shell’s turn from the 15th to the 22nd.

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While we know this is an issue across Canada,  in this area we can make a difference.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  You can post your comments below and please share this story on social media, vote in our poll, and post your comments below.


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