Cat Abuse in Cornwall Leads to Death of Outdoor Cat by Jamie Gilcig 050718

Cornwall Ontario –  A facebook post led to confirmation of a tragic death of a feline on 2nd Street East early this morning.

CCPS Cst Dan Cloutier had the following to say about cat incidents.

CCPS refers animal complaints as they come in to OSPCA. We certainly do not condone any type of abuse involving animals and these matters are referred to the OSPCA for investigation as they are the experts in that domain.

The local OSPCA does not have a contract with the City of Cornwall for animal control services.   A call to the local affiliate didn’t confirm the story, but a call to the Toronto area head office confirmed the death.

Stephanie Johns of the OSPCA did confirm that our viewers needed to call 310-SPCA (7722) to get a case officially investigated, but it appears that there’s some linkage issues between the local OSPCA, CCPS, and OSPCA head offices when it comes to animal protection.

As for Ms Laroque?  Her original comments and the entire thread were removed without comment.   We may never know who threw water on a cat which allegedly resulted in the animals death.

Of course the bigger issue is that it simply might be time for people stop letting their animals run loose.  Cats adapt to indoors really well.   And if you wish, like a dog you can take your cat out on a leash.  They do learn really quickly.

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  1. This is a horrible thing to happen and pet owners should never leave their animals loose. It is the fault of the pet owners for these terrible things to happen and they should not own pets at all being negligent. People who love and care for animals take the best of care of them. That broke my heart and it does every time I hear stories like that. People are mighty cruel and stupid anymore.

  2. Maybe the water thrower, like me, is sick and tired of every cat in this city using our freshly turned flower beds and vegetable gardens as their community litter box. If you have a gravel driveway, i’m sure you’ve seen the mounds of gravel with cat poop in them. I have 5 strays around me( i know cause they live in my neighbors garage) and there are always new ones coming and going.

  3. Author

    Jerry that’s part of the problem, but violence against the animal is never a solution.

  4. Violence against a defenseless creature is never a solution. Animals can’t speak for themselves, we must do it for them.

    As for “jerry” arrggghhhh!!!!!

  5. Jerry I know what you mean and I agree about cat poop or dog poop in your yard and digging up flower and veggie beds and we went through it as well in Cornwall. Animals are innocent and don’t know any better and humans are the ones who are supposed to know better and not let their pets loose. My neighbors here have house pets and are in their homes and yards and not on other peoples property.

  6. Throwing water on a cat in the middle of winter is violence against animals, doing that in the warm spring is a deterrent. If you knew me and my animals, you would know how much love and care I have for animals than you humans. If you leave a cat to roam on purpose, you are more irresponsible than anyone. You leave him to be run over, attacked by skunks, raccoons or god forbid, water sprayed.

  7. You are absolutely right Jerry and to be honest I prefer animals over a lot of humans. If people took care of their pets then they wouldn’t be wondering the streets looking for food and shelter from others. This wouldn’t have happened at all if there was good care taken by the owner.

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