Cornwall, a city with a world of possibilities, unless you’re an East End Kitten sadly. Today media released that one COREY DENNISON pled guilty to 12 counts of the 60 he was charged with. Original police release: CRUELTY TO ANIMALS, KILLING AN ANIMAL, BESTIALITY, CAUSE INJURY TO ANIMALS, BREACH Cornwall,Continue Reading

By Jamie Gilcig As repeatedly shared, the recipe for insanity is to repeat something that doesn’t work. Just a snippet from last night’s council meeting. Our corrupt and rigged council voted themselves a modest raise, a bit this year to catch up with tax changes, and bit more because ElaineContinue Reading

When you have to face a decision too many pet owners deal with the last thing you want to do is worry about cost or questions about whether you’re a regular customer of a vet clinic. Yet that was exactly what happened to this writer when my beloved cat SamContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – The SD&G Ospca twice refused full year ad plans from this newspaper, one paid for by a local businessperson.    Playing politics instead of putting the animals first has led to tragic results. “This is one of our biggest fundraisers of the year,” said Carol Link, manager.Continue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – It’s sad to see cat owners and kitties being used as pawns in a game that simply is about cash. At the root is the OSPCA wanting the cat control business in Cornwall.  Maybe they deserve it, but there are legitimate questions that need to be answeredContinue Reading