Crazed Cat Lady Tries to Bully CFN into Coverage by Jamie Gilcig 082018

Cornwall Ontario – It’s odd, some of the requests we get for assistance.   As this newspaper is about to celebrate our tenth anniversary of somehow surviving in this culturally toxic town it never stops to astound me how entitled some people think they are?

Our first two years we essentially said yes to everyone no matter how small or trivial the request.

After the city hall led conspiratorial boycott and my false arrest during the 2014 election my attitude changed.

Essentially my mantra changed to give freebies to our clients or groups that give back somehow.

You don’t charge for coverage, but for a relationship to be successful there has to be give and take at some point.

For example I used to support Tri County Literacy who have a tiny budget.   At one point while driving over I heard an ad for them on Corus Radio (back when I’d listen to them) and asked their coordinator if they appreciated what CFN did for their organization?

She answered affirmatively so I asked her why even a tiny portion of their tiny budget wasn’t spent with us, especially as we were the only media outlet to show up at their event and had a larger audience than Corus, even at that time?

Later, when we had our program sponsored by some local business people Tri County actually refused one year of free ad and marketing support paid for by this program.   Boggling.  Truly.

So today when the crazy cat lady attacked I was a bit jaded and used to the abuse.  In Cornwall it seems that when say no to someone or out their truth they threaten or actually try to turn all their friends and family against you, many without hesitating to embellish or actually fabricate abuse to achieve their goal.

With over 1 million human pageviews monthly and our leading position regionally,  we really don’t pander to groups to give them coverage.   When you run or lead a charity or not for profit part of your job is to build relationships to gain editorial support and if you get that coverage it’s important to give back.   And even if you don’t like an editor, your goal should always be about a media outlets audience.

While many groups have tiny budgets, board members and supporters do buy ads or make viewer donations in their personal lives.  We have people that make donations and mark what they want to support when they do so.

This newspaper doesn’t charge for news coverage contrary to what this woman alleged.  She definitely failed in the how to win friends and influence people portion of running a group.

Telling a media outlet that another media outlet covered their story also is not inspirational.  Not everyone likes sloppy seconds,  and it reduces the value of the story to any outlet.

I won’t mention this person’s name,  or the name of her group because as many people know, there really is no such thing as bad publicity.

Instead of embracing the words I sent her suggesting that she and her group start to build a relationship with us she instead chose to passive aggressively threaten me with words like:

Just thought you wanted to talk about it. That’s not a problem. I’ll let our group know.

Again, certainly not words to build on.   It just goes to show you that just because you may mean well doesn’t justify that your actions will do well.  Ultimately if your goal really is to be achieved then you need the support of more people, not less.   Respect goes a long long way.  Nobody owes anyone a living.  Personally I feel sad for the cats that won’t get helped because this woman alianates people like myself.

This newspaper will always support positive achievement and goals to help build a better community, but people have to respect our very valuable audience and yes, sometimes you do have to give to get or certainly remember that two way relationships are always more valuable than parasitic ones.  While it’s not all about money like large chain media conglomerates there are many ways to support and help local media support local communities.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  You can post your comments below.


  1. Jamie your paper is the very first one that I will look at and then I look at the other toilet papers of record of Cornwall. I haven’t looked at Ottawa’s papers in a while – I must be sick or something is wrong for sure. Your paper is the best and it is the truth and the other papers in Cornwall is of no match at all. Keep up the great work.

  2. Confused we are

  3. I was thinking about out little Fitzie being so busy being a dad. I love that little dog and Jamie you are a good man and that town is something else. Dawn Ford is a great lady and that is the truth. I worked at both the Cornwall General and the Hotel Dieu hospitals back in the days that Dawn mentioned and I think in 67 as well. I have a caping and pinning photos from the toilet paper of recor

  4. No you should not be confused at all Hugger it is only me your wacky jules here. I haven’t been feeling well lately and I am late getting on and Jamie is the best there is out there and always makes me laugh. Dawn makes me remeniss of the good days of Cornwall but today it is a graveyard. We haven’t been down to Cornwall since at least 3 or 4 years now – I forgot how many years.

  5. MEOW! This is one that loves Jamies paper and no other can match it. I have been talking to people on line and I look like something that the cat dragged in off the street and I have to go to bed but Jamie you are the boss of your paper and it is the best. There is none like it anywhere. I would scare the hell out of Fitzy just now I am way too tired. Goodnight Fitzy and all.

  6. Author

    Jules Fitzy is now a proud poppa. Here is “Little Fitzy”. One of his three pups came out first looking like him. He now has 3 sons!

  7. Jamie congrats to little Fitzie and he is so mighty cute. Fitzie must be a very proud papa. Fitzie must wonder DID I DO THAT? Fitzie is a real sweetie and he makes my day.

  8. Arrggghhhh!!!!!

  9. LOL LOL. Hugger is funny. I am busy laughing my head off before I go and do my dishes. I have been sick for a few days and it looks like I am on the road to recovery back to my old self again. I had a $3.00 fine to pay today for a few books that I ordered at the library and couldn’t pick them up because I was sick so now all it clear. Wacky jules is having a good laugh.

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