There’s hypocrisy and then there’s the brand of hypocrisy that is part of the Cornwall Ontario Bully Culture. When asked about an incident of alleged bullying, with a racial slant, that occured in his pre police days, this is what Chief Aikman sent to this newspaper. Mr. Gilcig, I received yourContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –   They say in 12 Step that you can’t truly start your recovery until you hit rock bottom. This 2018 election normally would be that rock bottom.  Time will tell if it’s so. A corrupt city management and council have essentially rigged the election.   All you have toContinue Reading

I have been searching online for major accomplishments of this Council and came up short other than ongoing significant tax increases over the past 10 years and building the Benson Centre. Tax payers simply cannot afford to leave this Council in power. Each and every day city employees work toContinue Reading

February will be the tenth anniversary of this newspaper.   That’s a long time and a lot of hard work. It’s resulted in over 1 million human pageviews monthly.      LINK Sadly, CFN never became the creative fount of positivity I envisioned when I started this venture in February of 2009. Continue Reading

MONTREAL, June 15, 2018 — Quebec Superior Court Judge Pierre C. Gagnon hopes to determine by August 31 if thousands of RCMP members across Canada can seek compensation through a class action for years of systematic harassment by senior RCMP officers. His announcement was made today at the Montreal CourtContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –  It can be bewildering sitting in a council meeting in Cornwall.  Monday night was first one in about three years, but more about that in a later editorial. Monday night we were treated to a presentation of information from Transport Canada that any journalist or city stafferContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – There’s a dark side to journalism.  Play ball, don’t report certain things, report others in favorable terms and you too could do the Heart of the City to City Hall shuffle as Kevin Lajoie did, and now Todd Lihou appears to be doing. All on the public’sContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – I get a lot of content inboxed.   All the political parties try to end around and massage story points, but today’s from Patrick Brown kinda takes the cake. I’ve decided to write this open letter to Mr. Brown and if Patrick wishes he can by all meansContinue Reading

CORNWALL ONTARIO – Starting CFN in 2009 has been an amazing experience.   It’s been brutal in many ways exposing the darkest sides of any community I’ve ever seen not in a cheap tv series or movie. While by far my experience with people in this town has been pleasant,Continue Reading

CORNWALL ONTARIO – I left Team Cornwall after a sampling of its former President Gilles Latour, who’s now waiting his court dates from charges of fraud, including of his mother. I also am no longer a member of the Cornwall & Area Chamber of Commerce.    When I first ranContinue Reading

Canada is suffering from a prolonged pandemic of moral self-flagellation promoted by hemophiliac bleeding hearts and militant native agitators. The latest outburst of it is the recent decision of the governors of Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ont., to withdraw from an arrangement to erect statues of all 22 ofContinue Reading

A lot of good people have been hurt this year trying to save the City of Cornwall’s public art gallery.   From years of historic corruption, poor governance, and a lack of support in a community that is very very weak artistically the final insults to decency were delivered thisContinue Reading