Whistle-blower Forum by Diane Shay – 2018 & 2014 Election Promises Broken Part 2

I have been searching online for major accomplishments of this Council and came up short other than ongoing significant tax increases over the past 10 years and building the Benson Centre. Tax payers simply cannot afford to leave this Council in power.

Each and every day city employees work to meet the needs of taxpayers. I will use my career with the City and Counties to clarify.

In the late 80’s early 90’s I plan implemented The GSDL(GLEN STOR DUN LODGE)  Outreach Program which in 2012 celebrated it’s 25 year anniversary. In the late 90’s I reorganized the WSIB schedules to reduce cost by $400,000.00 annually with no impact on injured employees.

I wonder where all that money has gone over the years?

I then went on to develop the City’s evacuation and communications plans as Certified Emergency Planning Coordinator. At the same time I implemented reverse 911 (Community Alert Network), a goal Mr. Fitzpatrick said could not be accomplished but fortunately for the community he was wrong and I not only implemented it but also had it cost shared with the counties and industry for 10 years.

Oh yes, we can’t forget Social Contract those dear old “Ray days”. The City signed a Social Contract agreement with non union employees. The non union fulfilled their part of the agreement but when it came for the City to take responsibility all of a sudden they stated that is was not an enforceable contract since we were not a union.

Ridiculous I know, but we did have to form a formal non union group, hire a lawyer and even then they refused to fulfill the entire contract. That was the closest the non union group game to unionizing by calling OPSU in.

The group eventually decided to settle for less than the agreed contract but the City made it mandatory for all employees had to sign or they would not settle. I signed but attached a letter stating how disappointed I was with the Corporation for their poor treatment of a very dedicated group of employees, and I was only signing to support the group not that anything about this was fair, legal or ethical.

I used to joke saying my job was to protect the City from itself. I didn’t realize how true that was until I was retaliated against for protecting a vulnerable senior from abuse. Unfortunately Ms. Clement or Ms. MacDonald could not come to that seniors defence given their role on the GSDL Management Committee.

I don’t think employees ever believe they will have to use the legal system to protect themselves from their employer. Yet that is exactly where I found myself in disbelieve and shock after 18 years of dedicated service.

The Ministry charged the City and after spending millions of taxpayer dollars to go to court and then made a 180 degree turn and pled guilty at the 11th hour. Yet another example of poor inappropriate management of tax dollars.

I mean, they had at least four law firms involved at one point,  some just looking at conflict of interest issues with other firms. Ludicrous to say the least, but after all it didn’t cost Mr. Fitzpatrick, Ms. Derouchie or Mr. Menagh one cent not to mention they actually got rewarded with very generous severances packages at the taxpayers expense.

Lets not forget the horrendous treatment of Deputy Chief Hickley. Julie Johnston RN and Jamie Gilcig by this Corporation and who gave the taxpayers Transparency by speaking out, yes it was the Whistle-blowers not the Council who ran a campaign on that very issue.

Since it is commonly understood that you can base future actions by looking at past behaviour which speaks louder than any campaign promise. In HR I looked at every situation from a fair and consistent perspective a simple concept taught in most HR courses but a concept this corporation finds impossible to grasp.

From my experience a vote for this Council is a vote AGAINST Transparency, Integrity and Accountability as they have demonstrated time and time again.

Take Care,

Diane Shay



  1. Excellent article Diane Shay.

    I think Ms. Clement or Ms. MacDonald would not have come to the seniors defence even if they weren’t on the GSDL Management Committee. As part of council most of them do not understand what their roles should be. A lot on council are there to protect their own interests or that of the clique. Conflict of interest is not above most of this council.

  2. Author

    Flipper did not come to the beavers defence either while with the Conservation authority and Elaine has not come to workers defence while President or otherwise with the Labour council.

    Why they are given free passes is more reflective of the community than their repugnant corrupt selves.

  3. Jamie, let me state that Flipper did not support the city security guards who were employed as casuals at the civic complex when the security staff signed union cards (not for money) but to stop bullying and harrassment against them by management (C.L. and J.R.) How much did this cost the city for the expensive lawyer. The city then contracted out those positions to Neptune/Capital for the same $$

  4. But then these security companies have to make a profit so it’s made up in the billing rate. The casual city guards were paid $10.25 an hour and when the city gave the contract to Neptune then Capital they were billing the city more than $10.25 they were also paying their employees. Where was the support from Elaine (labour supporter) and Bernie (wanna be mayor) Then lets not forget the strike.

  5. Why would this surprise anybody, they’re only there for the money. Today the city and Clement say the strike was not done to save money on the shoulders of it’s employees. BS I say. Thank you Diane Shay for calling out this city in a truthful manner. It’s awful what you, Rob Hickley, Julie Johnston and Jamie Gilcig went thru. Nobody deserves this

  6. There is hardly a day that doesn’t go by that I don’t think about what you went through Diane Shay along with our Jamie Gilcig, Mr. Hickley, and nurse Julie. I would never go back to Cornwall to live and that is a promise. I would go down for a good laugh and leave quicker than what I came in. We went through a great deal and never ever ever again. Cornwall is not for good people like yourselv

  7. jules,

    You may be right about moving back to Cornwall. I have been looking at houses and the taxes are crazy. One bungalow was 5,400.00 annaully. I may have to look in the surrounding areas.

    Take care,


  8. Author

    Diane believe or not Cornwall Hydro is now more expensive than Hydro One in some places too.

  9. HOLY JUMPING TOLEDO! Honest to God Diane and Jamie I now have hot flashes over the cost of taxes on a bungalow and the hydro rates – that is insane to the hilt. If I wasn’t sitting down I would have collapsed in shock. This is insane. Cornwall is not Ottawa and Ottawa is mighty expensive and I remain up here in the laughable penthouse because things are beyond reason. I need air after reading

  10. Diane seniors are not leaving Cornwall for nothing. There is a lot of talk coming from the US, etc. that there is going to be another recession and a bigger one this time so hang on. This is going to hit globally and worse than before. Cornwall is run by the clique who tells city council what to do and this is very bad and they run the cops as well. There is no justice at all only JUST US.

  11. Today my husband and I laughed and shook our heads at Cornwall’s taxes and utility bills OMG I remember all that so very well. No wonder seniors are leaving and with all the corruption on top of that. If I didn’t read what you have posted Diane about a bungalow costing $5,400/year in taxes and things were bad enough years ago. No jobs for our children and we both said sell and we did just that.

  12. Well, I know we are paying well under $5,400/yr in taxes for our back split.

  13. When that ice storm happened we could not cook on that stove but we took whole potatoes and threw them into the fire to eat. That was a hole week without heat nor food. Things were not like that here in Ottawa from what I heard – only certain parts of Ottawa were without electricity back then and of course it was on Ottawa Hydro.

  14. Ottawa was hit by the ice storm. But not as bad as Cornwall. Ottawa is divided up in to more service areas, so they weren’t hit as bad. It still happened. Cornwall being smaller showed more effects of the storm.

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