October 7, 2022 – Not everyone has the resources that ROTHMAR Holdings CEO Aaron Bell does. He hired renowned PR firm Edelman who managed to get CTV to come to Cornwall and help expose just a hint of the mess that lies at a very corrupt City Hall. Rothmar claims:Continue Reading

Cornwall City Council is live streaming Tuesday afternoon. In the council chamber during the live stream are 12 people at a time as photos from the live stream show. CFN has learned that at least one complaint was filed with the Cornwall Police Service, but there has been no responseContinue Reading

I swear you can’t make up this utter and complete waste of money. The Bank of Montreal building is not a former theatre. It does not have parking. It will take millions of dollars to create a black box theatre that will be a white elephant in a community thatContinue Reading

Water Meters: OK what makes Cornwall so unique to have one of the highest water consumption per capita in all of Canada (ref.: Based on the city’s research, people across Canada use about 250 liters of water per person per day while in Cornwall it’s about 450 liters.”). How wasContinue Reading

From a CFN viewer: Here’s my understanding of Heart of the City protocol: 1.       It is always best if you actually own real property before applying; 2.       You then apply for funding (new roof, new doors, new windows, a sign, etc) 3.       You submit application; 4.       Approved….YEAH!!!! 5.       City registers a LIEN on title that EVERYBODY CANContinue Reading

CFN has confirmed that Councilor Justin Towndale filed a Racial profiling complaint against the Cornwall Police Service. Mr. Towndale, a visible minority himself, has not responded to multiple requests to communicate on this story. We will be updating with more info shortly.Continue Reading

Dear Editor, This past week the Cornwall community was stunned by a Facebook post claiming an “attack” had been perpetrated on a Cornwall City Councillor and the Cornwall Mayor. Information in the post suggested that the weapon used in the “attack” may have been a pen, rumoured to have beenContinue Reading

We live in a community that sadly discounts truth and integrity. Where terms like “fake news” get bandied around by people that truly have no understanding of news or how news works. Some of whom get elected to office. If you live in a community with little accountability this isContinue Reading

Just before Halloween, when it was announced that city council is shelling out $45,000. to sweeten the launch of a local naturopath’s ‘medical clinic,’ some people couldn’t help but wonder if the “treat” is some sort of a trick. Like many communities across Canada, Cornwall has a recruitment plan and isContinue Reading

Flipper Clement blinked fast after huge amounts of public backlash for the utterly unprofessional and backwards circus this past week that saw her council vote 8-3 in favor of banning back yard wood fire pits and chimeneas. In what clearly is a by law issue she and her council continuedContinue Reading

The banning of wood backyard fires is a hot topic in the River City. ( I know…I just had to!) Seriously though, now is your chance to sign our simple petition below. (Please note that it may take awhile for your signature to show up.) We are opening viewer commentsContinue Reading

When I ran for mayor of this odd city one of my platform concepts was to create free busing in the city, seven days per week. The idea was to create a three year pilot project and shake down the province and the Feds. From the numbers I’d crunched itContinue Reading

By Jamie Gilcig As repeatedly shared, the recipe for insanity is to repeat something that doesn’t work. Just a snippet from last night’s council meeting. Our corrupt and rigged council voted themselves a modest raise, a bit this year to catch up with tax changes, and bit more because ElaineContinue Reading

So I’m reading coverage of a special group think with the assistance from someone from Kingston. They came up with five priorities. The Waterfront, more population, better housing, Economic Development, and Environmental Sustainability (the last of which I’m sure they farted out because they couldn’t’ come up with a realContinue Reading

Calls, emails, and social media messages to Cornwall City Councilor Maurice Dupelle, who’s also the chair of the Agape, have gone unanswered as of press time. Johanne Couture, the Agape Executive Director responded with a nasty “NO COMMENT” regarding allegations that Mr. Dupelle has essentially hired several family members toContinue Reading

There have been multiple allegations that our own Mayor, Bernadette Clement (a fellow former Montreal person), has been in a long term relationship with local lawyer Kimberly Walsh who’s the Chancellor at the local Catholic Diocese and formerly bankrupt lawyer, for many moons. In 2019 gender, religion, sexuality should playContinue Reading