Sunday Bus Debate in Cornwall Ontario – Here are 2 Solutions. By Jamie Gilcig 090619 #cwlpoli

When I ran for mayor of this odd city one of my platform concepts was to create free busing in the city, seven days per week.

The idea was to create a three year pilot project and shake down the province and the Feds.

From the numbers I’d crunched it was clear that the status quo wasn’t generating much revenue for a much needed public service.

Having better quality bus service would support those that can’t drive, assist workers, and help the environment from less wear and tear on our near Quebec like roads to using less fossil fuels. It might even be a positive factor in attracting and retaining people here.

This being Cornwall it wasn’t embraced.

Now the debate to have Sunday buses is back; essentially instead of tackling the major crisis issues facing Cornwall.

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Naysayers say there’d be less traffic than Saturdays. And they’re correct; but the solution should be increasing traffic every day. And of course having limited spot service on Sunday’s would really alleviate the issues for those that need it most.

Instead of weak sauce petitions why not simply have a Sunday bus pass drive? A clear cash on the table action plan that city officials could then weigh on taking the big step?

Charge $10 per month for an All Sunday Pass. Promote the plan over a six month time frame and make a clear statement that if “X” passes are sold there will be Sunday busing as of “X” date.

In other words clearly communicate with the community.

Of course this being Cornwall city management and council don’t really seem to embrace pro active solutions to simple issues.

In the meanwhile feel free to vote in our poll.


  1. There used to be 7 days bus service when Corthaulds, Domtar, and ICI and other industries were in full force. Since those industries closed their doors and the industries taken down brick by brick there was no more Sunday service at all. Sunday service is needed but being that I live in Ottawa I cannot speak for the people who live in Cornwall but I do say that it is a necessity.

  2. Here in Kingston, while a larger city we have a lot of free busing for students & also on special days to reduce cars during town big events, even once a year to get some to at least try taking the bus

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