BREAKING Cornwall Police Confirm that Councilor Justin Towndale Filed a Racial Profiling Complaint Againt Them 111319 #CPS #cwlpoli

CFN has confirmed that Councilor Justin Towndale filed a Racial profiling complaint against the Cornwall Police Service.

Mr. Towndale, a visible minority himself, has not responded to multiple requests to communicate on this story.

We will be updating with more info shortly.


  1. Mr. Towndale, my husband is a Lebanese Christian Maronite (Catholic) and when we lived in Cornwall it was pure hell. My husband experienced this by the people of Cornhole and by the cops and it was a horrible experience and not one that we would ever want to experience again. Since we have been living in Ottawa we have no problems like hat at all. I wish you the best of luck.

  2. A better headline might be: “Councilor Justin Towndale Failed a Racial Profiling Complaint Against Police”

  3. Couldn’t help noticing the expenses for councillors at the The Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AMO) Conference Aug 18-21 2019 (registration, accommodation & travel):
    8 councillors + mayor … $1,498.52

    And more than all the others combined:
    1 councillor – J. Towndale … $1,703.00

  4. Hi Lassie,,, Not calling you out on this, but it’s really a stretch that Junior could outspend 9 other Council members combined ? Is the City that lax that they would allow this type of frivolous expenditure ? Are these travel expenses public ? I would think so ! If, this is factual & that the City paid his expense claim, he should resign, one Trump is enough ! I need proof !

  5. Those were the numbers …unless there was an error in the draft minutes presenting the 3rd quarter financials. Guess you’ll have to wait for them to be published.

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