CFN has confirmed that Councilor Justin Towndale filed a Racial profiling complaint against the Cornwall Police Service. Mr. Towndale, a visible minority himself, has not responded to multiple requests to communicate on this story. We will be updating with more info shortly.Continue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – One gets the feeling that Eastern Ontario isn’t Premier Kathleen Wynne’s favorite part of Ontario.   When first running for the leadership of the party she was late to an event in SD&G, and yesterday she was late to make an appearance at a local eatery part ownedContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – After living here in the River City for fourteen years I still get mystified at the tragic load of cow poop that some perpetrate on the public? Sadly because of a culture of exclusion and bullying, I call it the “Ed Lumley” factor, it leads to theContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Holy Paul Fitzpatrick!   In what seems to be a chapter out of the ol Kilger council, rookie councilor Justin Towndale went public on his social media page with a statement claiming that council was left out of the loop of the Human Rights Tribunal Case ofContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Karma can be ugly sometimes.   I’ve always written and said that you get more when you’re a small part of something good rather than be Justin Towndale and the rest of the people running the Seaway Food and Beer fest. Playing petty,ignorant, politics usually get youContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Some Cornwallites can be hyper sensitive about any discussion of the reality of our community.    They don’t want to look at failures or miscues, but instead simply raise taxes and hope the issues go away, or simply bully those who point out that our many wannabeeContinue Reading

Cornwall is one of the oddest communities I’ve ever lived in and I’ve lived in a few.     The political corruption fingers through everything from City Hall, to charities, and even our SD&G Highlanders apparently. First you have former MPP Jim Brownell named as Honourary Lt. Colonel.    ThatContinue Reading

City Councilor Bernadette Clement looked more blue than red as she finally kicked off her campaign in Morrisburg yesterday.    The heat was unbearable and wilted the crowd of mostly seniors and staffers. Ms Clement looks like the heat was getting to her in the picture above during the hotContinue Reading

It’s been a tumultuous year for Cornwall’s public art gallery, but the board and public had some fun and enjoyed a lovely downtown Saturday afternoon in Pommier Square! TAG Cornwall wishes to thank the community and especially Andre Pommier & the Pommier family for allowing us to use their squareContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario –  Monday night two subjects stood out.   Now these were distractions from the bigger mess of our budget which preliminary numbers are looking at a tax increase of over 5% which simply is not acceptable, especially considering the bloating of taxes through eight years of Kilger rule.Continue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – It was another embarrassing night for the local Federal Liberal riding association under President Jamie Labonte.   The lightly employed prez saw his guest speaker for the spaghetti fund raiser not show up and a crowd of less than 30 attended at the Knights of Columbus Hall. Sadly itContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – In what has been a not so magical mystery tour the City of Cornwall has relented and agreed to allow the Vincent family ice rink to at least finish off the season, even though part of the ice surface is on City property (as is the family’sContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – Brian Vincent is feeling discouraged.  The family was happy when a new group came together to help rebuild their family rink. A meeting was requested by the group for Thursday morning with Bill De Wit, the city manager who attended the initial break down of the boardsContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – While City Hall may not have supported the ice rink on Monaco Crescent in Cornwall, the people of the community and frankly, all across Canada clearly do. So much so that a group has been formed to rebuild the Vincent’s rink.  Members will be meeting Thursday atContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – I’m going to pay a rare compliment to our city council.   Maybe rare shouldn’t be the term.   Because of the weirdness that was the Kilger council of the last term there was very little to compliment our elected officials about.  Nearly half of our currentContinue Reading