Cornwall Ontario Refuses Free Bus Passes to NAV CAN Refugees 082317

CORNWALL ONTARIO –   Elaine Macdonald should not be on Cornwall City Council.  The President of the Labour Council has been in conflict on more than one occasion.  She’s petty, ignorant at times, and corrupt.   But like all people we all have our good and bad sides.

She championed a very very smart play at the council table that not only would be a good deed, but actually good PR for a city that is mired under one scandal and embarrassment after another; many of which she’s a part of.

Councilor Macdonald wanted the refugees or asylum seekers staying at NAV Can here in Cornwall to have free bus passes.

It is a no cost feel good action.  When running for mayor I actually championed having a pilot project to have free public transportation as the revenues barely cover 30% of the operating costs for Cornwall Transit.   The positives far outweigh the limited revenue collected, especially if you want less seniors who slow down or stop at green lights to drive less.

Sadly Andre Rivette proved again why he also should not be on any elected board,or his son Rodney for that matter who feels like politics is ready for another generation of bad governance.

Voting to support the motion were Councillors Elaine MacDonald, Mark MacDonald, Bernadette Clement and Elaine’s pet monkey,  Carilyne Hebert.

The angry old & young  conservatives were joined by Maurice Dupelle, and surprisingly by Justin Towndale who usually is all kumbaya for wishy washy feel good issues?  Claude Macintosh was away; probably staring wistfully at old pics of Bob Kilger and Ed Lumley…

Cornwall really isn’t that minority friendly a place, but surely a little hospitality might have seen a few more young families stay in our city which might help with our epidemic of school closings in the region.  With Montreal having such a large Haitian community for example, a few families might prefer being in Ontario while still being close to a large population from their homeland.   Then again, they are fleeing their homeland.

Bottom line is a great PR opp was lost because of people who voted for people that shouldn’t be allowed to use cutlery nevermind run a city this size.

Luckily, as we face a 6% tax increase in an election year, there is a chance for the people of Cornwall to finally clean house and make some more than needed structural changes.

And frankly this vote didn’t really need to go to council.   Elaine could simply have canvassed Len and Bob to work out a sponsorship deal of some sort.

Again, you get the leadership you deserve.  And reading some of the comments on local social media referring to the refugees as “animals” (I kid you not) maybe they’re safer staying near NAV Can where the clique can entertain them with fairy tales and walks along the waterfront?

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  1. There goes Elaine MacDonald again. Trying to spend OUR money with no concern of where it comes from. She has never seen a tax, fee hike or “free” service she didn’t like. The sooner she’s voted out of Cornwall the better. This proposed “free” service makes no sense considering the amount of time the asylum seekers would be here.

  2. Why should we give away our bus service. I pay taxes to the city for the bus service, police service, fire dept, etc. Why should they get a free ride when some people from Cornwall can’t even afford a bus ride to go where they need to go. I should be on city council!

  3. In my own little opinion, I think 100% of our Cornwall city council should be residents of THIS municipality. Not Stormont, not Ottawa, but Cornwall. Then maybe we will see a little concern over important issues like fluoride, taxes, jobs and attracting people who can contribute to the city and not just anyone who thinks our city is “nice” and “friendly”, and what land is sold for more condos.

  4. Author

    Jerry that already is the rule. The problem is that the real decision makers, city managers etc, don’t have to follow that rule; nor do too many of those that work for the city. South Stormont is filled with your tax dollars. They laugh about Cornwall on ol Jim Brownell Blvd in Long Sault.

  5. Jerry you wouldn’t believe how other cities and towns laugh at Cornwall until you have experienced it for yourself. I am going back 42 years ago when some people that I worked with in the federal government roared with laughter about Cornwall and all the jokes including a woman who lives just outside of Cornwall and Ottawa in a farm town of Alfred.

  6. Pro I would encourage you to run for city council and if Hugger had his health I would encourage him as well. Jamie should run as well even for mayor. If things get desperate enough we may have to elect little Fitzy of all creatures. I saw a dog just like little Fitzy today and I almost cried. Little Fitzy can do a much better job than the councellors and mayor occupying those seats.

  7. Won’t happen. My stress level dealing with idiots on a consistent basis would put me in an early grave.

  8. The last time I checked the city of Cornwall did not give me anything for free. If they want a bus pass Pay for it just like the rest of the city Or those that are in favour of it should pay for them to have the bus passes, just saying.

  9. My family and myself pay for our bus passes and we do not ask for anything for free from the government and we pay our way through life. If you think that things are expensive now hold on to your shorts because in a couple of years you wont be able to afford anything with all the taxes that are going to be thrown at us like wild fire. Canadians will be the refugees very soon.

  10. Pro the Haitians in the camp are already being provided with welfare, education, clothing, medical care, dental care, etc. for free on our dime. For quite some time now (a very long time now) I have been reading and listening to everything that I can get my hands on and if you feel that things are bad in Cornwall now hang on to your shorts and seat you haven’t seen anything yet to come.

  11. I’m all for true refugees. But economic asylum seekers have no place here or anywhere but their originating country. And that’s what all these asylum seekers crossing the border are: economic asylum seekers.

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