Cornwall Ontario – The buzz finally hit the page as Cornwall City Councilor Andre Rivette leaked to the CBC and then confirmed with CFN,  that the issue that led to the CUPE strike is the city asking the union to move from 100% of wages for up to 17 weeksContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – In a very long interview with former Cornwall Nationals Hockey team owner Will Beauvais he shared quite frankly that he was bewildered when CFN dropped the team as we were their largest marketing partner. He then stated via telephone that it was team manager Rodney Rivette thatContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –   The Cornwall National’s are issuing a press release today announcing that the team is folding. A last attempt was made to save them via a league meeting, but the overwhelming lack of community support did them in. The team held a meeting with players at 3 PMContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – CFN confirmed after speaking with Rodney Rivette of the Cornwall Nationals that the team is meeting today with FHL officials to talk about the survival of the team. With attendance shriveling since it lost its promotional contract with this newspaper, the loss of its admired head coach,Continue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –  There is stupid, and then frankly there is the sad  epic that is the Cornwall Nationals. Rodney Rivette has shimmied and shymied with smoke, mirrors, and some hinky background dramz.   Did Mitch Gagne get stiffed for $20K?   We know that Mr. Rivette stiffed this newspaper last season,Continue Reading

CORNWALL ONTARIO – I left Team Cornwall after a sampling of its former President Gilles Latour, who’s now waiting his court dates from charges of fraud, including of his mother. I also am no longer a member of the Cornwall & Area Chamber of Commerce.    When I first ranContinue Reading

FHL Formally Approves Expansion to Cornwall, Ontario for 2016-17 Season Syracuse, NY – The Federal Hockey League (FHL) has formally approved an expansion FHL Member Club to Cornwall, Ontario, Canada that will begin play during the 2016-17 season. The new Cornwall expansion membership will play its home games at theContinue Reading

A news item appeared on Feb 19 that Cornwall City Councillor Andre Rivette wants fluoride reintroduced into Cornwall municipal water, citing comments from the medical officer of health that fluoride-free Calgary recorded an increase in childhood dental cavities. The news media reported that University of Calgary recently conducted a studyContinue Reading

As odd as politics can be at City Hall, Elaine MacDonald has hit a new low water mark. As reported in other media she stated the following as the budget process kicks off.  “everything is going up, and people should accept the fact that taxes will be going up.   IfContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – There may be something that artists in Cornwall Ontario can learn from Firefighters.    The charade that has been this year’s budget committee has given lip service to cutting taxes. With half of council having signed a pledge to do so it seems the only things cutContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – It’s not easy at the top.    Cornwall Community Police Chief granted an interview to the lowly Todd Lihou at the Seaway News. Todd gets lots of police news; perhaps because one of his confreres son works for the CCPS; perhaps because Todd himself tried to beContinue Reading

Dear Editor, It was suggested at the Budget Committee session that TAG was not a stable organization or that there were questions about its future?. TAG Cornwall has been around over thirty years, over twenty in the same location. While it has endured criticism, as all organizations have at oneContinue Reading

CFN – Claude McIntosh & Andre Rivette led the charge against Art funding at the Budget Committee meeting Monday.    Groups had ten minutes only to sing for their supper with some follow up questions with Bernadette Clement chairing. For disclosure purposes I am on the board of our ArtContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – Sometimes politicians listen.   Councilor Mark M MacDonald sent out an email to Mayor O’Shaughnessy and Council as well as the media. His thoughts echoed a CFN editorial from awhile back where the public also voted in our poll about changing the dangerous changes to 2nd StreetContinue Reading