The Cornwall National’s Fold – Is Cornwall a Hockeytown? by Jamie Gilcig 122018

Cornwall Ontario –   The Cornwall National’s are issuing a press release today announcing that the team is folding.

A last attempt was made to save them via a league meeting, but the overwhelming lack of community support did them in.

The team held a meeting with players at 3 PM today with ownership wanting to inform them before releasing the news.

The last owners of hockey teams in Cornwall have lost hundreds of thousands of dollars respectfully.

The teams former marketing director accused the city of not being a hockey town.   She may have been right.  Ignorant, but right.

David Small, a former River Kings owner responded to CFN:

[bs-quote quote=”I think it’s really unfortunate for the hockey community of Cornwall. It may be the last nail in the coffin for hockey in the city.

Of all failures any other hockey team has had from the River Kings to date this pretty well is it.

I don’t see anyone else trying this again after leaving a bad taste in fans and sponsor mouths.

From Bernie to now I feel badly for owners and sponsors that have lost money in an effort to try and make things happen in Cornwall. In the end people don\’t thank them enough for their efforts. People don’t see the effort and money lost; but just the failure.

I wish Rod & Will the best for their efforts. ” style=”style-12″ align=”center” author_name=”Dave Small” author_job=”Former Cornwall River King owner. “][/bs-quote]


The team’s press release:

Cornwall Nationals fold

CORNWALL – The Cornwall Nationals of the Federal Hockey League have ceased operations, effective immediately.

This is a really sad day for hockey in Cornwall,” said Rodney Rivette, owner/president. “Unfortunately, due to our financial situation, we can no longer continue.”

Saturday night’s attendance was announced at 358 in what turned out to be the team’s last game at the Ed Lumley Arena inside the civic complex.

We’ve exhausted every avenue possible to save the team,” said Rivette. “This is so unfortunate because owner Will Beauvais has done everything possible to make this work.”

The organization would like to thank its small but loyal fan base as well as all local sponsors and volunteers.

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  1. Not unexpected. Later than I thought it would happen. They lasted almost a full season longer than I thought they would.

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