Cornwall Ontario – In a very long interview with former Cornwall Nationals Hockey team owner Will Beauvais he shared quite frankly that he was bewildered when CFN dropped the team as we were their largest marketing partner. He then stated via telephone that it was team manager Rodney Rivette thatContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – With the demise of yet another hockey management team there are rumblings and even a piece written by that mincing lifeguard, Hugo Rodrigues. Cornwall Ontario is a hockey town.  It just has a city government that for whatever reason refuses to allow business to be business. TheContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –   The Cornwall National’s are issuing a press release today announcing that the team is folding. A last attempt was made to save them via a league meeting, but the overwhelming lack of community support did them in. The team held a meeting with players at 3 PMContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – CFN confirmed after speaking with Rodney Rivette of the Cornwall Nationals that the team is meeting today with FHL officials to talk about the survival of the team. With attendance shriveling since it lost its promotional contract with this newspaper, the loss of its admired head coach,Continue Reading

Cornwall Ontario –  There is stupid, and then frankly there is the sad  epic that is the Cornwall Nationals. Rodney Rivette has shimmied and shymied with smoke, mirrors, and some hinky background dramz.   Did Mitch Gagne get stiffed for $20K?   We know that Mr. Rivette stiffed this newspaper last season,Continue Reading

  Local fan-favourite Cloutier joins Nationals CORNWALL ONTARIO  – The Cornwall Nationals of the Federal Hockey League have added some grit and muscle to their blueline. General manager Basem Awwad has come to terms with the rugged Chris Cloutier. “Chris will certainly bring the excitement and grit that we need,”Continue Reading